Available for Download e-book. About the author s. Indrani Bose New Delhi Published: Switch to Hindi Edition. At the time of its composition, there were few published novels in the Bengali language, and Mosharraf Hussain was part of a community of writers working to pioneer a new tradition of novels in Bengali.

bishad sindhu book

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The site of the mosque of Hussein in Karbala, Iraq. She chooses Hassan because of his spiritual nature. About the author s.

Book review: Ocean of Melancholy: The tragedy that was Karbala by Mir Mosharraf Hossain

One at a Time by Pravin Gandhi. Healthcare sector expects hike in exemption limits for health checkup, medical reimbursement. Not surprisingly, Hossain was severely criticised by conservative Muslims for reimagining the sacred story of Hassan and Hussein, the grandsons of Prophet Muhammad. How smart financing purchase decisions can help you be a uber-saver.

Even legendary Hindi-Urdu writer Premchand wrote a play titled Karbala to tell the great story. A historical novel centred around events that led to the epic battle of Karbala is a brilliant literary piece. He was one of the first Muslim writers to emerge from colonial British India.

bishad sindhu book

Soon, Zainab is imprisoned by Yazid, who also takes over the throne of Medina, leading ultimately to the battle with Hussein. The battle of Karbala between Hussein and Yazid, son of the king of Damascus took place on the 10th day of the month of Muharram in AD when Prophet Muhammad had been dead for 50 years.


Bishad Shindhu was written over the period of November 18, 2: After being deserted by her husband, while Zainab is in mourning, she gets marriage proposals from three men, including Hassan. Such was the popularity of Sndhu Sindhu that, within a year of its publication, it sold five reprints. How to hide booi view on your friend’s WhatsApp Status.

The details are available here. More power to villages; Rs 2 lakh crore allocated to Panchayats in five years. The novel was written in Shadhubhasha, a Sanskritised form of Bengali. Now translated in English as Ocean of Melancholy: It contains much poetic language, and many dramatic scenes.

His literary works were included in the curriculum of school level, secondary, higher secondary and graduation xindhu Bengali Literature in Bangladesh. All in all, Ocean of Melancholy is a brilliant literary piece. Bishad Shindhu is bishhad poetic novel about the history of Muhammad’s grandson Hasan, especially Husayn’s assassination, and the war for the position of Khalifa of Muslims.

Bishad Shindhu বিষাদ-সিন্ধু

Another interesting aspect of Bishad Sindhu at the time was the style of expression employed by Hossain, who used Sanskrititised Bengali throughout. The massacre laid the foundation for the Shia-Sunni split and, over the years, the story has earned the character of an epic, continuing to find shelter in the hearts and minds of listeners sindhh readers alike.


He is considered as the first novelist to emerge from the Muslim society of Bengal. At the time of its composition, there were few published novels in the Bengali language, and Mosharraf Hussain was part of a community of writers working to pioneer a new tradition of novels in Bengali.

Bishad-Sindhu: Buy Bishad-Sindhu by Hossain Mir Masharruf at Low Price in India |

Available for Download e-book. Indrani Bose New Delhi Published: His Bengali is purer than that of many Hindu writers. Minister your finances better!

bishad sindhu book

Driven by his lust for Zainab, however, Yazid sends his minister Marwan in disguise to kill Hassan in Medina. Switch to Hindi Edition. The narrative is filled with plenty of drama, heroic deeds and supernatural happenings. His other works include Jamidar Darpan Reflections on Zamindars, a play on the plight of common people under the Zamindars landlords installed by the British colonial rulers and their struggle against them.