I have to mention the opening lines of Wanderlust. The George Martin character was spot-on almost as good as this one. June 9, No Comments. PLease feel free to click attending and invite your friends on the Facebook event for this wonderful night and find more information here from Mosebacke. International music , Video of the Day. Cool, laid back, sunny. Thanks a lot for stopping by!

david myhr soundshine

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And following hot on the heels of that is another piece of pop perfection that I heard almost a year ago now. May 26th, Author: He was very nice, and willingly accepted to pose in a picture.

To put even more weight into this occasion I decided to write a little piece of lyrics for this world premiere: I have to mmyhr the opening lines of Wanderlust. Got you where he wanted by David Myhr.

david myhr soundshine

Let’s set the scene. International musicVideo of the Day. This catchy-as-hell pop heaven has more beautiful melodies than there are country songs about Carolina. To put even more weight into this occasion I decided to write a little piece of lyrics for this world premiere:.


April 3rd, Author: January 2nd, Author: One being that Thomas Juth who took the initiative which I will be forever grateful for!

david myhr soundshine

I look very much forward to your comments both here on the blog, on my YouTube Channeland on my Facebook Page. I’m sure a lot of people will be with me on this one. It focuses on the recording of the music in a unique way. If there was any lingering grey in the air then this song all but disperses it.

So if you are in Sweden or know Swedish and you are interested in the above I hope you find your way to the magazine store this month.

Since my first visit to London back in I have never missed the opportunity while in mhhr to visit the famous crossing at Abbey Road. So, while I wait in vain for a Jellyfish reunion, an Andy Sturmer solo album or a new Soulwax album, it’s nice to see the return of another great songwriter. The expectations were sky high, because David Myhr used to play in The Merrymakerswhich is one of muhr all-time favourite power pop groups.

david myhr soundshine

Obviously I was quite nervous. David Myhr will play at our Flavour of the Month club on 2.

David Myhr – ‘Soundshine’ (Lojinx)

Read more about his impressive track record on his own home page. I have always loved the Beatles. As a solo artist that is, because already in I played there a few times with my former band The Merrymakers.


David Myhr is currently getting ready to release his solo debut Soundshine in Europe. While nestled deep inside ‘Don’t Say No’ lurks a soulful Memphis bar room boogie brought alive by ensemble backing vocals.

I can pretty much agree.

Feel free to have a listen on the Spotify player to the right! Read more about this occasion in this blog post.

Album Review: David Myhr, “Lucky Day”

Hope to see you all again in a not too distant future! She does love the Beatles, but still…. Remember to not keep pushing your dreams away!

The sound zoundshine on Revolver the best record ever made! Thanks a lot for stopping by! Things happen for a reason.