The name of the file is: Check the release notes English only for a list of supported operating systems. Progress of copying temporary files. If the DSET report is not on the desktop, please check the following locations: Hide Table of Contents. Do you want store this report in a default name and location [y n]: Thank you for your feedback.

dell dset report

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If you select advanced log files option, by default, all the logs are collected and may create large size reports. Progress of copying temporary files. This can impact the diagnostic steps and the resolution of the issue.

If you wish to still use the tool and have it downloaded steps are below. On the next screen, do not check any of the provided options. Please try again later.


dell dset report

The name of the file is: New In This Release. Please select whether the article was helpful or not. Create an online support Request. Hide Table of Contents.

dell dset report

Show Table of Contents. Rate this content Accurate. Dseh is not available for the Topic. Accessing documents from Dell support site. On Systems Running Windows. For Windows Operating System.

How to use DSET 2.2 in Windows

To add the user to the sudoers file as follows: Start the tool by entering. If you wish to still use the tool and have it downloaded steps are below.

For Linux Operating Systems. For Linux Operating System. Rate this content Accurate. If an option is checked, the information reprt not be included in the report.

How to use DSET in Windows | Dell US

The report is protected with the password ” dell ” and stored on the desktop or the specified location step 7. Thank you for your feedback. Hide Table of Contents. Comments cannot contain reeport special characters: If the path is not specified, the report is saved in the root directory.


Accept the Software License Agreementand click Next.

Dell System E-Support Tool (DSET) Version 3.7.0 User’s Guide

Once the DSET report is created, the name of the file will be displayed on the last screen. If you enter nprovide the report name or full path where the generated report must be saved.

This field is required to submit your feedback. Now the DSET options are displayed on the screen. Continue by pressing ” Enter “.

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