Do not write your name in the Zip! I think it’s better at least, this is what I do to use regular Dromed2 and simply load whatever textures or objects you want from Dedx, and then update your own gamesys. So, yeah you can use Dedx with Komag’s tut, but I don’t remember if the tut talks about custom gamesys’ or not. Let me know if I am missing anything or if there are any updates or tools you would recommend for a beginning thief level designer. I added another FAQ question for those of you who were wondering:

dromed deluxe

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Write an e-mail including: All AI have the M-FrontGateGuard metaproperty, which means you can walk all around them and admire them safely, or threaten them with a weapon and they’ll attack, allowing you to experience combat to hear the voices and see missile weapons in action.

From there do I need to install any updates or is DromEd good to go. Along the way you’ll really start to understand the inner workings of things with each new thing usually getting easier to understand.

Upload your FM on a website such as: You should have all the default T2 schemas or Telliamed’s patched version in place before extracting HMDK, or else don’t overwrite these three when you extract the T2 schemas after extracting the HMDK. It is recommended that you use the hmdk. Finally, if you use the zombies, consider downloading my Thief 3 Zombie Voice Packwhich is a port of the great new zombie voice set from T3.

Assuming you have a browser that can read the tags I don’t know what the requirements areif you let your mouse hover over the underlined ‘DEDx’, within a couple of seconds, you’ll have a nice little tooltip telling you it stands for DromEd Dleuxe. But what about the effects that make the game stutter or crash?


Ah, yes, the tutorial is about Domed2 with his menus.

dromed deluxe

Player arms skinned with hammer clothing with every standard weapon, so you can make Undercover -style missions! Because of their absence in the Thief 2 story, most of the Hammer resources from Thief 1 were removed from the stock resources in Thief 2.

Welcome to DromEd Deluxe!

Nameless Voice’s technique for efficient multiple Thief installations When you extract the Kit into a T2 folder, you should overwrite three files in their Schema folder if prompted: Note that there is some work for you to do to bring the new male voices into your mission, as they are not in the HMDK gamesys included in this package see below for why.

The problem with the preloader seems to have been that the preload image function was in a comment I guess it was my web program’s error. Your mission should be very accurate in the detail drawings and the atmosphere according to the style you choose. Now this might be a stupid question but here goes, what do I rename adoor1 to?

The zombie parts don’t include a head since the hammer zombie head is the bearded fellow, and didn’t match most of the zombie skins.

DEDx is a dormed ‘version’ of DromEd2. Here’s what you need to do to get the male Hammer voices loaded into your mission. Appropriate textures, objects, characters used accordingly to the chosen style Coherent and detailed world creation.

dromed deluxe

The female voices were crafted by Rob Hicks for DEDx, and draw from the neutral voice lines from the female Mechs no references to Karras, etc. Notes The styles are rather large so you can create whatever you want easily. Supporting the new AI are six new male voice sets: All other links seem to work. I did not load anything else that came with DromEd Deluxe only the zipped objects and textures. What this deluxee is that even if you load the Hammer7 voice and schemas following the directions above, no male hammers will get it by default.


Dromed Deluxe | Thief Object Repository

If you use a different gamesys, you’ll need to manually drag the textures under Textures in the object hierarchy into the right sound folder; all the rugs should probably dromee under Vromedand the window under GlassTex. The HMDK is a collection of Thief 2 resources related to the Hammerites, a faction of religious zealots which played an integral role in the story of Thief 1, but were all but absent in Thief 2.

There are also technical issues with the DEDX gamesys. Points are staggered half by half.

Hammerite Mission Development Kit

This is based on spotty test evidence and needs more thorough investigation, however. Custom texture, objects and characters Custom music, ambient sounds Custom menu 1 – Ddeluxe add some elements to your mission textures, objects,etc.

You’ll find a modest assortment of new objects to use in your Hammer-themed mission – books and parchments including matching book artnew banners, shields, two doors, and wall decals. If anyone has a better one, I’d love to have it:

dromed deluxe