Now you have a place to show off your ride in style. Dynolicious allows you to quickly and easily share your photos with others. What version of iOS am I running? Classic version probably a better choice Did anyone test this?? Thank You Thanks for subscribing.

dynolicious fusion

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Dynolicious was built to allow you to discover other interesting vehicles. Craft your own mech and triumph in fierce heads-up combat! Digimon is back with a new series, Digimon Fusion! Fuse towers to strengthen your defense and advance your weapon.

The previous version of Dynolicious is still available we’ve renamed it “Dynolicious Classic”. This page is for personal, non-commercial use. Top 10 Apps like Team Fusion. Galleries allow you to organize pictures by event, project, or any other way you choose. Give us an iPhone application that relates to cars and we’re all over it.

You can check out Motive’s screen shots of the results herebut the results showed the Dynolicious software was anywhere between 0. Park Dynolicioys Ride on the Internet Create your Dynolicious profile and share everything about your vehicles with the world. Dynolicious Fusion incorporates innovative sensor fusion algorithms to combine inputs from your iPhones accelerometer, gyro, compass, and GPS to generate more accurate performance test results than ever before possible on a mobile device.


Oo Fksion I dont know what to think about this app. App should be removed from store if no updates coming out.

Build a mighty robo-hero to take on endless hordes of battle-droids with an arsenal of cannons, missiles, lasers and more. The most advanced automotive testing tool available on iOS.

dynolicious fusion

Slip your iOS device into a cup holder or mount, then find an open stretch of pavement to test speed, acceleration, and horsepower. If that’s supposed to be power to the wheels, its close, but far from exact.

Dynolicious vs. V-Box and Dynojet

Don’t worry we won’t share your email address with others! Its a no Go for so much Money! But test units were probably exceeded.

dynolicious fusion

Very bugy Crash to often yet!! The idea is cool but when it tells me that my car only has hp I start to question whether or not it is working. Classic version probably a better choice Did anyone test this??


Dynolicious — Social Meets Performance

We will gradually be inviting non-Fusion users to create Dynolicious accounts. Sign Up More Info. But ads are also how we keep fuson garage doors open and the lights on here at Autoblog – and keep our stories free for you and for everyone. What if I just want to test my car? Future Dynolicious has an extensive roadmap of future features. Facebook Dynolicious leverages Facebook for authentication and connecting fusiln your existing friends.

dynolicious fusion

Dynolicious Fusion does fuskon require for you to utilize the Dynolicious social network to take advantage of the testing features. Dynolicious becomes the home for your vehicles test results, photo galleries, stories, and posts. Read on for both Motive’s conclusions and our own. Please enter a display name. Document anything from a scenic drive to a frame-off restoration.