The game uses font sprites in most cases, not Windows fonts, and changing the sizes of existing fonts is a matter left to future mods. City Buildings for winter terrain By geo City Buildings for winter terrain. When you start a game, WEP is available by default. Modred’s Configuration Screen By Erik This file is a sample of how the download section and file announcement system works. Install the game from the CD, either by the copy-paste method see the 1.

eaw patch 1.28

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European Air War

Media New media New comments Patcy media. This was done to decrease the download by 9 megabytes. This should prevent the “Stall” bug, where the planes rolled to one direction, then flicked back to the normal flight position. You can find EAW 1. Now you don’t have to take your hand off the mouse to adjust the throttle.

EAW 1.28 1024 exe is released!

This exe fixes most of those problems by changing the resolution of the ezw screens to x from the default x Modifies existing targets, many for the Pacific Campaigns. The “fuel gauge” before entering the flying portion of the game now appears if your ini setting is x You can now join an online game in progress.


The game uses font sprites in most cases, not Windows fonts, and changing the sizes of existing fonts is a matter left to future mods. Special thanks to Colonel Gibbon that provided me all this useful stuff. You can find it here: Up to four different plane types can be selected, but by ptch Host only. The fonts may appear small in many cases, and in some, too small.

eaw patch 1.28

Commercial Use is not allowed! The debriefing screen has a new look, and you first appear before your CO. You can try variations. Bug fix for bomb dropping. waw

EAW – Europen Air War – CombatACE

There are still a couple of video cards that exhibit problems, but this should help the vast majority. This works very well for Team Mayhems, as up to 4 Home Bases can be selected. Just ew and move close to a hanger and wait a bit to rearm.

In addition, if you need to leave the game to make some adjustment to your stick, resolution, eqw quality, or take out the trash, you can rejoin the game when you are ready and not have to wait for another session. You can skin in 24bit BMP format too.

EAW exe is released! | Aircraft of World War II – Forums

We have not been able to get 24bit working on Glide, as it was never designed to work in higher than 16bit. To quit the game, press and HOLD “Alt Q” for a period of time again, time differs depending on pach speed of your computer.


This gives you a chance to get into the air before someone can shoot you down. Please note that many Nvidia graphics cargs newer than the still suffer from the screen tearing issue.

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The normal rules apply about online compatibility. An adjusted “Warp” correction.

eaw patch 1.28

Submitted November 4, Also included are the changes made by Knegel and Mr. The hanger screens have had the sprites removed. We accept no liability for any damage this might do to your system.

Submitted May 7, Updated October 12,