This set is quite capable don’t compare it with s I am using Nokia i over the years with different sim cards. Also download pdf viewer n other such java apps if u need. Hello I’ve lost all my msgs on my N95 and they are very important to me. Can i restore deleted files from my nokia ? My mail address is thanh.

fexplorer nokia 6300

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Read Deleted SMS Messages from any Nokia Symbian Mobile

I selected SMS Message box on screen then selected other settings Option Memory in Use was selected as phone memory then changed to memory card then changed back and all of the messages in inbox and also sent all disappeared. I need a backup file of nokia x Maryam, 03 Feb It ve a cnectvity prob cnt connect ma net to pc via blueto0th with Have u installed the pc suite n the bluetooth driver.

Can anybody tell me what type of lead I need to connect the phone to my PC and where I can get one from. I will be very thankful to him. I cant find the system folder where the deleted SMS are located.


Samsung Galaxy A50 review. I have a nokia and I need to retrieve important deleted sms. I need help pls. First because the messages you are getting through that are most probably the ones you have in the system.

Did not find mail folder on nokia c plz help. I deleted a video on my Nokia E71 and want to recover it, is there any chance? March 12, noki The phone nokia twist does not have a Sim card. I downloaded and installed FExplorer on my phone But i don’t see the “system” folder, and then neither the “mail” folder.

I downloaded the SIS file now what? Everything else in intact but not the messages. I have downloaded FExplorer.

fexplorer nokia 6300

Hello, I downloaded and installed FExplorer on my phone. There’s a complete guide on backup file recovery at: October 18, at 9: But, two of my photographs, after first viewing and transfer to new phone, turned black.

fexplorer nokia 6300

Please tell me what should i do now!!! Thanks in advance x. Download and install this free mobile Feexplorer Manager – FExplorer. MY phone switched off and then my inbox msgs got deleted howver the other folders are there as it is. Dear all I have had some issues on recovering messages as the thread is saying but this method does not work at all.


(Help) Fexplorer???

My grandad is very elderly and I accidently deleted all the messages on his nokia c2 01!! There are alot of my important smses. I have nokia n96, tried installing fexplorer but states not supported. The powerful screen drains it. Hey I canseem to install software onto my nokia from my pchow do i do this, any help. Thus, what do you suggest?

I own a Nokia classic phone. This link provides the data on your iPhone that is included with your iPhone’s backup.

For example my Asha can’t install as it is incompatible with SIS files.