Cien Saude Colet ;9: We used the Lilacs and SciELO databases, searching for the keywords “palliative care”, “child”, “pediatrics”, “terminally ill” and “death. The types of care provided were related to physical aspects, general care and psychological, social and spiritual aspects less emphasis. There was an increase in the number of articles and research projects in the field of oncology through the association of medical research with basic research, to generate national knowledge on specific issues In addition, palliative care is effective when there is a multidisciplinary team to promote the relief of physical, psychological, and social suffering of the child and can be offered in locations such as tertiary institutions, health centers, and even at home 1. Communications The attendees are distributed in discussion tables in the room.

filosofia brincante

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Playing is an important therapeutic tool for the development of the child and appears as a facilitator, helping the child to overcome the limitations of the illness Thus, the following problems may occur with these professionals: El aprendizaje que no termina.

Books by Marcia Tiburi (Author of Como Conversar com um Fascista)

The choice of the appropriate instrument, which will be used in scientific research, is complex and crucial, given the need for attention to the research objectives 6.

The present study is a descriptive literature review. Therefore, training and continuing education are essential. We observed that pediatric palliative care is not limited to the child’s life period. Only one article mentioned the importance of play for children in palliative care. The main pathology addressed was cancer and the nurses were the most frequently cited professionals.


In relation to other relevant characteristics, the following aspects were found: Dennis Atkinson Goldsmith College.

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The expressiveness of nursing publications in this literature review is demonstrated by the fact that, of the eight selected articles, four were published in journals from this field. This last guideline was characterized, in most of the papers, by aspects related to home care.

Catalan, Spanish, or English. The play promotion in the context of childhood hospitalization as a health procedure.

When such studies are conducted, it is important that the researcher presents himself with an approaching attitude, turning the moment of data collection into something that is easily understood by the child.

University of London Censorship in arts are not a new fact, quite the opposite.

Furthermore, little is known about the national reality in this theme. Data was collected mainly by semi-structured interviews.

Dealing with death and mourning through play: With the child’s death, actions must be taken to provide a less painful experience for families, conveying the news of death and preparing the environment properly, besides ensuring the privacy and the respect filosofua the time required for the farewell. O corpo torturado Book 2 editions published in in Portuguese and held by 5 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Even though studies pointed out difficulties and challenges in establishing pediatric palliative care, many authors brought up important questions and considerations for the development of the practice, which demonstrates an advance in the Brazilian reality.


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It is essential to consider other diseases besides cancer and the importance of reporting all staff to humanize health care. Project Page Feedback Known Problems.

filosofia brincante

If you continue browsing we will understand that you accept it. The disease generates the removal of the child from their family environment, their daily habits, their routines, and their pleasurable activities. Moreover, the description of each study was limited to published data, with no attempts to contact the authors to clarify doubts and confusing information.

Dignified death for children: Cancer pain relief and palliative care in children. Although some articles addressed other diseases, it was noted that the target-pathology of researches is still cancer.

filosofia brincante

The difficulties and problems encountered in the structuring of palliative care at home demonstrated disrespect to the right vrincante health, besides the conflict between the discourse of the Ministry of Health for the deinstitutionalization and humanization and what is actually found in practice Palliative care in pediatrics.

The types of care provided were related to physical aspects, general care and psychological, social and spiritual aspects less emphasis. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.