Select Geodetic Coordinates from the pull-down list in the lower half of the window. These fields are used to enter or display the Latitude 1 and Latitude 2 parameters of the Oblique Mercator projection. When the Convert button is clicked, the Scale Factor is calculated from the ellipsoid parameters and the Standard Parallel, and the field is updated with the resulting value. A trailing comment is indicated by a ” ” character within the line; all text A “Files of Type: Input file unknown error the input coordinate file header could not be parsed successfully.

geotrans v2.4.1

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Free GEOTRANS Geographic Translator

If any required characteristic or parameter value is not specified in the input gdotrans file header, a default value is assigned. It may also be the case that the input coordinates are not compatible with the output coordinate system or map projection.

To install it using DOS commands: Standard Parallel A latitude value that specifies the parallel where the scale factor of the projection is 1. Zero is the default value. Since the parameters that are used in datum transformations are estimates, b2.4.1 transformations are not perfectly accurate. It begins the input file header generation dialog by bringing up the Create File Header window, which is identical to the lower half of the File Processing window. Therefore, a line with one of these two key words should be included in every GEOTRANS coordinate file header, and should precede any lines which set map projection parameters.

The range of valid Mollweide easting coordinates depends on the ellipsoid parameters, but is roughly between zero and 18,m from the projection origin.


A set of parameter fields for the currently selected coordinate reference frame type, if it has any parameters, which you can use to specify the parameter values that are to be used in the beotrans file header that is to be created. The number of lines in the output file header may gotrans be identical to geotranw number of lines in the input file header, especially if the number of parameters is different.

Cassini Projection Figure A Confidence Interval A statement of accuracy based on a statistic whose distribution function is known e.

geotrans v2.4.1

Ellipsoid table overflow the ellipsoid table has run out of available space. Using the GEOTRANS file processing interface, you can select an existing file of coordinates to be converted, define the coordinate system or map projection, and the datum, to which you want to convert the coordinates, and specify the name geotrns location of the output file that is to be created.

Zones are numbered sequentially from west to east.

MSP_Geotrans_Users_Guide_3_7 MSP Geotrans Users Guide

This field is used to enter or geotran a False Northing parameter for a particular projection. Select the Create File Header command from the File menu.

geotrans v2.4.1

Create the properties file installer. USNG coordinates consist of a single alphanumeric string made up of from zero to two digits, followed by three letters, followed by up to ten digits. The first pair of letters identifies a 15 quadrangle. Datum pull-down list, with which you specify the user-defined datum that is to be deleted. The Initialization error messages are: Since the input consists of Transverse Mercator projection coordinates, which are two dimensional, the Height Type selection is automatically set to No Height.


The buttons will be green when the currently selected datum and coordinate geotrasn combination will not produce conversion warnings or errors.

User s Guide for MSP Geographic Translator (GEOTRANS) Version 3.4

Flattening field, in which you specify the flattening for the new user-defined ellipsoid, as a positive integer value between and Create a directory to contain the distribution: To create a seven parameter datum, enter the datum shift values, which define the transformation from the new user-defined datum to WGS 84, in the X, Y, and Z directions.

The range of valid Mercator easting coordinates depends on the ellipsoid parameters, but is roughly between zero and 20,m from the projection origin. The Transverse Mercator equations for X and Y, and for latitude and longitude, are approximations.

This means that the Origin Longitude value is outside the valid range for longitude values, which is from to Point v2.4.1 and Point 2 cannot be in different hemispheres Latitude 1 and Latitude 2 parameter values are in opposite hemispheres.

Section 3 covers interactive coordinate conversion and datum transformation in more detail.

geotrans v2.4.1

Since the point scale factor is one along the central meridian, this projection is most useful near the central meridian. The range of valid Azimuthal Equidistant easting getorans northing coordinates depends on the ellipsoid parameters, but is roughly between zero and 20,m from the projection origin.

However, the roles of input and output areas are completely flexible.