Madhavan Nayarum but later the title was first changed to Oru Maruboomikadha and finally to the current title. The film was a commercial success at the box office. Shooting for the film began in Abu Dhabi in March Watch Oru Marubhoomikkatha only for Mohanlal — Rediff. They saves Eliana Meanwhile, the police arrives. Madhu Balakrishnan , K. Song mixing and re-recording premix were done by Renjith Viswanathan.

gopa balannishtam song

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Madhu BalakrishnanK.

Gopa Balannishtam Madhu Balakrishnan Download Free Mp3 Song

Meenakshi gives her number in a currency note and uses this money. She is taken to Abdu’s house where his wife Lakshmi Gopalaswamy and their two children lives. Madhavan tells Abdu to leave back the money.

Thoma is shocked when he finds out Jose was trying to kill Eliana. However, Madhavan loses his control and takes off the seal.

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They try to get rid of her and a series of funny events occur. The day to fetch the money arrives. One night, Madhavan finds someone with Meenakshi in the bedroom. They saves Eliana Meanwhile, the police arrives.


Puthanpurackal Madhavan Nair Mohanlal is a middle-aged man who has come to toil in the deserts of the Middle East to fulfil his responsibilities to his family of two younger sisters who must be married, and a father whose debt has to be paid.

The Arab had died and his daughter was looked after by Thoma and that daughter was Eliana and so she inherits his wealth. On realizing his mistake, he goes back to Abdu and finds him gagged. Jose and the gangster are arrested by the police.

Oru Marubhoomikkadha – Wikipedia

Eliana tells to them that it was the gangster who kidnapped and that Madhavan and Abdu saved her. Shooting for the film began in Abu Dhabi in March He sees his boss’s jacket on the couch. Ujjayinee RoyRahman, M. The plan is spoiled by the gangster, whom Jose collaborates with, and the police, called by Thoma.

Nirnayam Gandeevam The trio finally escapes from the place. The boss had fallen into the pool at Madhavan’s and Meenakshi’s engagement and Meenakshi had given the jacket for laundry and it was returned in the evening on the same night Madhavan saw Manasi and her husband and Meenakshi had left the jacket on the couch. Oru Marubhoomikkadha Theatrical release poster. He learns that her marriage spng not take place.


Gopa Balannishtam Song Download

Films directed by Priyadarshan. But the music for the song “Madhavettanennum” was copied from “Rohy Mertahalek”, an Arabic song composed by the Egyptian musician Amr Diab.

Abdu and Madhavan breaks in at night wearing masks. Eliana’s uncle Jose Maniyanpilla Raju is a greedy man. He makes a deal with a local gangster to accomplish this and kill Eliana. Madhavan is sure that he will lose his job.

gopa balannishtam song

However, the car is submerged in the desert sand. The kidnappers call Thomas and ask for a ransom. The initial title of the film was Arabeem Ottakom P.

gopa balannishtam song

One day, he meets Meenakshi Raai Laxmi. The movie got mixed reviews. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mohanlal Mukesh Bhavana Raai Laxmi.