While not being as cohesive as the aforementioned instrumental, its epic orientation is certainly well accomplished. There are lots of classical inspired notes on the album. Take the vaguely Carribean feel of the “Have a holiday” refrain towards the end of the title track for example. Listening to the album gives you a laid back feeling. Unfortunately this album is not as strong as the first one. Other sites in the MAC network:

greenslade bedside manners are extra

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Bedside Manners Are Extra: The musicianship is perfect and in the vein of the debut. But wait, there’s more! Bass and keys standout.


This diverse instrumental once again opens with an ELP like organ workout. At least some coherence and an overall good songwriting throughout. On the faster parts the music reminds me of ELP.

Listening to the album gives you a laid back feeling. The remaining sung tracks are also very effective and powerful. Then the ground begins a which leads us to the old and famous’ Land of Never ‘ you know those tunes that remind us greenelade distant lands and beautiful style in Lord of the Rings? And there are some nice little hooks too: Even though this is less solid than the debut album, but still.


Many fans say the debut Greenslade album is the best, while the third ‘Spyglass Guest’ was the commercially most successful, but this is gdeenslade the album to which I turn. Starts so that you get scared, and as the name already assumed, to highlight the impact of Andrew McCulloch with a very interesting ground there by means of the songand gives you more land of keyboards, with the already known and worked with melodies that all keyboardist progressive values that should have total privacy.

greenslade bedside manners are extra

Greenslade and Lawson are both very capable musicians so no problem there, but I seem to have a number of issues. The picture quality is slightly worn-out, but at least the camera work is pretty good, having none of the psychedelic visual gimmickry that ruined for example ELP videos of the time. Even when I replaced my scratched record grewnslade a perfect sounding cd, the quality of the sound was hardly improved.

Views Read Edit View history. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Greenslade best, no doubt about it. The final track, “Chalkhill” retains the upbeat feel of the entire album in a spirited instrumental.

Three and a half stars. Bedside Manners Are Extra is just feel-good classic-era prog.

While not being as cohesive as the aforementioned instrumental, its epic orientation is certainly well accomplished. I think their albums are good, but none of them are great. The colourful style could only grdenslade to an album in the progressive rock vein.


Bedside Manners Are Extra – Wikipedia

Many listeners regard this album as their best one, and I agree. Things get started quite smoothly with the namesake prog ballad, whose first lines on piano are almost exactly the same as the ones that marked the final passages in the debut album’s closing epic ‘Sundance’.

greenslade bedside manners are extra

The Concept is still the same, there are those Lawson-love-songs whitch are unlike Greg Lake-ballads, aggressive This is a superb set, which has been making its way repeatedly back to my player, and deservedly so. And again the beautiful voice, with a very catchy chorus! I guess the only one I can hear from start to finish without skipping a track even with that very annoying drum solo.

Some might see it as a lightweight affair, extrw I think they’d just be missing the point. The voice is strange but I do enjoy it. It could feel strange without electric guitar but it doesn’t.

But I have never been over enthusiast over this ”performance” on a studio album.