I got a prob. This Garena Universal maphack supports the latest Warcraft v1. I dont have a RapidShare premium account and i can’t download!!! Those who created this must be having a lot of free time. In that way one who need to let others know something can just say it after hitting enter and the team would get the message with subtitles. BTW, No thanks for this post

gumh v10

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You’ll never learn to play better with a maphack It would be good if there are human speech in the game instead of just text, text and more text.

Garena Universal MapHack v10

Wow, you’ve won a game with maphack D cya, and good work! D change ISP of course: S2pid ppl,don’t v0 all know that MH is for noobies? Someone can upload to megaupload or medifire plss!!!! I know who you are. Gr8, now with this MH release pk dota and other several rooms will be more crowded with a-holes thinking they are pros: I need exp hack.

Noobs didnt use mh is even worse, n GG r full of leavers, lv high also the same whats the point,at least noob use mh to prevent getting feed, so-called pro also a leaver. If youll cant youll suck In that way one who need to let others know something can just say 1v0 after hitting enter and the team would get the message with subtitles.


gumh v10

For all the noobs who say this will destroy game or other kind of fucking massive load of stinking shit, i reccomand you to test it No wonder so many players get into this site!

I know of some people who dies while typing.

Garena Universal Map Hack

So, it’s kida cool isnt it? GUMH v11 for Warcraft 1. The work of pathetic people like you broods even more retards in online gaming communities.

X now what am i goin’to do? Please create Exp Hack. This is good as it does not divert one’s attention.

Garena Universal MapHack v10 Final – GUMH

So wouldn’t this be better to avert all those unnecessary death as well as time? Using Garena Universal Maphack wif war3 version 1.

Why spend lots of tym doin dat useless mh!! Get a life you fucking dork. I wish you all die in pain fuckers!!

gumh v10

This file is for the players who don’t “need” it but want to be better in the pub games they host. I dont dl mh for playing with it just for opnening it when some motherfucker is playing with mh on the other teamand beside that mh for noobs plz make sth that remove that fucking 5SEC waiting after joining a room. This is far greater than the MH. Any1 know what is the prob. Those same players are too dumb to actualy use map hack.


It is currently undetectable in Garena. Bana uzak allaha yakin olun Any tard can do it, now L2P please Don’t you realize that hacks ruin the fun for those who wish to play fair games?