BraverySans A contemporary sans with brave curves. Hubert Jocham Crema Piano file name: Volt A strong sans serif with a fresh stylistic set. Hubert Jocham Polia f file name: In , he made the brush script headline typefaces Schoko and Drop. Churchills Club Design for a Club Ulm

hubert jocham font

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Delser Design for Alberto Delser and his beautyful hotel Verona Freixenet Different logotypes in corporate style, Dragon Rouge Hamburg Hubert Jocham Riccia Bold file name: An ultra fat rounded family, awarded at TDC2 BeaBitzer Design for a friends webshop Memmingen Hubert Jocham Bravery file name: Bonaqua Redesign for Bonaqua Syndicate Hamburg not published.

hubert jocham font

Hubert Jocham Glanz d file name: Sentida A spiky serif with display and text quality. Hubert Jocham Type Verse Serif 10 13 file name: The wide basic sans family Monday.

Hubert Jocham Konsens file name: A fat connected signage script family that won an award at TDC The signage brush script typeface Flavour Cosmea Redesign for Red Pack Hamburg Hubert Jocham Perfetto d file name: Yoguru Redesign for Barutzki Hamburg Tendres Moments Redesign for Jicham Hamburg Dursty Design for Interbrand Hamburg Florena German skincare for Brand Union Hamburg Becca A strong slab serif from light to ultrabold. Esquina The san serif with edges.


Eden Industries Logotype for Architectural project Memmingen The very interesting asymmetrically rounded Volta sans family he claims improves on similar typefaces such as Bernhard Gothic, Barmeno, Dax, Prokyon, Voice Shoulder, and Phoenica.

Logotype for subbrand Uli Weinz Veranstaltungen Stuttgart A broken angular type. Matrona Very very very bold and award winning headline. Inhe made the brush script headline typefaces Schoko and Drop.

Identifont – Rudolph (Hubert Jocham)

Hubert Jocham Voice Heavy file name: Hubert Jocham Polia b file name: Hubert Jocham Glanz file name: Hubert Jocham Legau file name: Hubert Jocham Narziss h file name: A new classic serif family based on a typeface penned by Giovanni Francesco Cresci with an x-height of 8 mm, and published in his book Il perfetto Scrittore in also seen in Tschichold’s Meisterbuch der Schrift.

Created for the book about the famous restaurant Tantris in Munich. Hubert Jocham Narziss Pro Cyrillic file name:

hubert jocham font