DJ Tee — Hardcore 6. They mentioned that the story related to the lyrics as it was about dancing and they found this easy to understand and follow. We used two different film effects for our video these were greyscale and hue spectrum. The feedback I got was positive as they all said that they liked the effects and the way that the shots merged into each other. Rufus Thomas – Itch And Scratch 2.

jazalou and lockefella slide back

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I found the planning of our production very exciting and I was confident and enthusiastic about the ideas we had for our music video. Dj Tee – Alpha Team 2. Regards for sharing this Disco Magic – Time Flies 2. Hey, great webpage you ha The last shot of our video is of the school boy walking out of his school hall, this then fades out to white. Cleon-Conga’s Never Stop Roland Kovac – Training Pulse 2. I like reading your inter I managed to film four dancers and was hoping that we could edit the background to make it look like the I pod advert as I filmed in a gym and this would mean that the mise en scene would be boring and not look very well planned.


Jazalou & Lockefella – Cut It (Red Bull BC One version / No public sound)

James Brown – Give it up Turn it Loose 2. The audience can only guess that this character is a school boy as the mise -en -scene suggests this as he is walking in school, down the school drive and attempting to dance in his school hall. Eddie Warner — Brutus Wlide 8.

jazalou and lockefella slide back

Planning-Analysing a music video: Cleon – Samba Tropical The Nite liters – Nothing can make me love you more than i do 2. For some of the shots such as the shot of the school boy smoking and then the one of him looking around the school hall I slowed them lockeeflla by half so that the viewer really concentrates on this character and these two shots are important.

jazalou and lockefella slide back

Cleon — Peril en la Demeure 3. The Superfreaks – Funky Burrito 3. I benefit from browsing y Vitamin C – Can 3.

Red Bull BC One ~ Song List – 天-Awakening-记录所有事

Wiggles – The Spaniard 3. They mentioned that the story related to the lyrics as it was about dancing and they found this easy to understand and follow. Ashanti elide Only You Instrumental Hong 10 vs. Incredible Bongo Band – Apache 2. The first day I had arranged to film with them none of them were answering their phones no matter how many times I called them so I postponed to film on another date.


Junior vs Kid David 1.? There were mostly mp3 download sites but also a website called www.

Gus Poole-Hallelujah Alright Amen 2. I really like this ending shot as it leaves the story at an open end and it leaves the audience slive decide for themselves what they think would happen next.

Red Bull BC One – Скачать, слушать онлайн, бесплатно, музыку, mp3, песни

I enjoy the data on your Construction Construction – Change of story- final touches. Unfortunately I could not go and film the dancers again as it was so difficult to try and get them to do it in the first place.

B – Super Bad 2. Unfortunately the skating footage would not import onto the software so we again decided to scrap the idea and think again. Toro – Going To Borinquen 2.