Use this checklist in conjunction with the steps outlined on the following pages. What is my ID and password? The Lorex Client software will install remotely, and have the same functionality as the full installation from CD. If you have decided to use the free Lorex Email Service default option for any system event notifications and alerts, you must register with lorexddns. It has an embedded.

lorex client 4.0

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Turn off the PC s power and unplug the power cable.

lorex ping software

Control Panel Preview More information. Once the remote system firmware has been upgraded, the system will reboot, and you will need to reconnect with the Remote Client Software. Enter your user ID Password: All Rights Reserved Copyright The use, disclosure, modification, transfer, or transmittal of this work for any purpose, in lroex form, or by any means, without the written permission of the copyright.

The Camera Assignment may already be completed for the first 4 cameras – if you wish to change the defaults or cilent additional cameras, use the dropdown selection to change the configuration.

If you type in bar, your computer sends a request to a Name System, which looks to the IP address for Google to bring the information back to your computer. Lorex default Domain Name: Select an area by click and dragging with the mouse.


lorex client 4.0

Click the ADD button at the bottom to add the site. Search Controller – Video playback controls ACTi Corporation reserves the right to make More information. Page 14 Lorex Client 4.

IPC series IP camera user manual 1. Channel – Select channels to Backup. The Connection Status window displays all Systems configured for the site, and will attempt to connect to each site separately.

Lorex L20WD800 Series Network Setup Manual

If you are connecting from within your network i. NetClient software user manual Central Clieng System Software You can add up to 4 systems to the site by: The System must be connected to the router prior to powering on the system. This option is only available if disk overwrite is set to ON.

Remote Software User Manual V1.

Lorex client 4.0 for windows 8 social advice

When the Player loads a file, it checks the file to confirm that no editing or changes have been made. If your model is not listed, please refer to your Router Manual or Support, or visit http: Default port 25 User: If your IP address is showing lodexplease return to Step 1 and review all menu settings.


lorex client 4.0

As an example, you may have several retail stores that are physically located in different areas of they city – use the client to set up a connection for each store using the stores specific DDNS or External IP address information to connect. Select a Site from the list, and the connection window will appear.

LOREX Technology L20WD Series Lorex Client Software Requirements – Appendix #2

Some event types will not be display a Channel number Date and Time – The date and time that the event occurred Description – Displays a description of the Event type. Video File Watermarking The archived video files have a file protection referred to as Watermarking. One of the fastest ways to find this information lirex to use a 3rd Party website such as http: In the example shown below, the file named: Selected blocks are displayed in Blue.

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