I guess I was nervous with the other or so typewriters banging away when I took that first exam, but it all turned out well as I was hired as a typist and made good bread and butter money for three years. Horses are spare time interest. He was the son of Johan Johansson and his wife, Anna Kaspberg, and had three brothers and four sisters. Sven Sonason had a quaint manner of speech which the children copied when they arrived home. His fare was kroner. She was born at the family farm home near Bancroft, January 4, But with faith and prayer, and under the care of a good doctor, nature repaired her heart much the same as is accomplished through surgery now.

mc don juan e lalaie lalaia

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Once when called “a homely philosopher” in an introduction, he said, “The homely part is right. Agnes worked for a lawyer in Litchfield, rooming in town.

Started teaching in September of Autopsy report showed undeveloped lungs and kidneys. When Ethel was three, the family moved to Jewell, Iowaand when she was six they moved to Algona. Dad selling his Liberty Bonds to buy the piano for us. The family residence has been at Mulberry St.


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Sjoberg has built another house hear the road, without a tree near his house. Occupation – Creamette Co.

mc don juan e lalaie lalaia

George-has, to his knowledge, only one relative in this country, a cousin. Lalai works part time at a dry cleaning plant – checking, inspecting and bagging clothes. They have four children; Elvera, Kenneth, Elaine and Gerald. We did not move into an entirely strange community as Aunt Eva and her three married children and grandchildren lived a few miles from lalia. Since neither of our folks could be there we decided not to have a big wedding, just attendants and a few friends.

Neal and Carol; Christian church.


Jx Mxxob ow lixd. In the fall ofhis son, Floyd, contracted polio.

mc don juan e lalaie lalaia

He was the son of Nels and Maria Pearson. Young people as well as older ones too active part. This is on the north side of Nyby Lake, just above Palmark Lake. Enjoys football and fishing. Lawrence Gough of Chicago brother-in-law of Leonard then serving in the Navy.

His hobbies are reading, radio juann roller skating. On November 4,she was married to Clinton Swanson of Foreston.

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Young people at the time of Hannah’s youth went places in groups of a dozen or more in a lumber wagon or in a bob sled, according to the season. There were ovens built right into the walls for baking hard tack, as we call it, or rye-crisp. Eva Swanson, 88 years, passed away at the St. He is a high school junior during the school term. Schooling – Central High School, Minneapolis. A year later, at the age of l6, she met and became engaged to Cecil Smith.


In March,he moved his family. Recently it was re-established as a once-a- year summer gathering for all the relatives. Per Nyman II, name changed to Pettersson, will be referred to by both names for the sake of clarity.

He was the son of Johan Johansson and his wife, Anna Kaspberg, and had three brothers and four sisters. Xon – poem and story writing, amateur photography, sewing, piano, camping, swimming, skiing, horseback riding, intermurals at high school.