I went to law school and after my first year, decided it wasn’t the path for me. Email will be verified. Payment is only released when work is complete. Greg Yaitanes Banshee ‘s showrunner gives direction on what his intended goals are with the music in each scene and what emotions he’d like the music to convey. Contact pros directly with your project details and receive handcrafted proposals and budgets in a flash.

methodic doubt music

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There are opportunities to watch advance cuts of each episode, but I make an effort to avoid watching those as much as possible until it’s time to start writing. I ended up interning and later working for an indie record label and in music publishing, with no real intention of creating music. Kris Dirksen of Methodic Doubtthe musical team behind Banshee’s score voubt main theme, took some foubt to answer a few of our questions about the show and his experience in the scoring industry.

methodic doubt music

In general, as composers we don’t really look to current film or TV scores for influence, dobt talented as Hans Zimmer and his crew are we’re not really interested in sounding like them. There’s definitely a raw emotional element that’s integral to the scoring process.

Is there direction or influence from producers, etc.? Dane had been using the name Methodic Musuc sinceand in ’07 we partnered up and began working together full-time.

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I prefer to see it fresh as the audience does and rely on my gut reaction to a scene as the initial source of inspiration. Working with Brian was a pleasure! The show has such a unique methoidc of characters and elements it’s really hard to draw comparisons. I quit law school because I wanted to be passionate about the work I was doing.


Fund and work on your project through our secure platform. It was a pleasure working with Brian.

Brian Gocher (Methodic Doubt) – Los Angeles | SoundBetter

Search by credits or ‘sounds like’ and check out audio samples and verified reviews of top pros. What a great experience! Anyone lucky enough to work with him should cherish the opportunity! I confirm that I do not work for, am not in competition with and am not related to this service provider. Read some more of our coverage of Cinemax’s exciting series Banshee here!

To be honest there haven’t been many direct outside musical influences on Banshee ‘s score. I confirm that the information submitted here is true and accurate. I really love methdic with Brian. His track was very well done and he gave solid, clear direction on the song. Fantastic metbodic and client! The minuscule amount of success we’ve had we can probably attribute doub trying to bring a unique sound to the table, rather than attempting to mimic whatever the flavor of the month is in the scoring world.

Greg has been very supportive and hands-off with the score since day one, he’s placed a great deal of trust in us and gives us space to do our own thing – which is a rarity in the scoring world. Like any other job there are headaches and frustrations, but we’re fortunate to be in a position where we can dobt a living off of music in a time when many musicians struggle to do so. The show was just picked up for a third season so we’ll be back in Banshee soon.


MDM is a group methodc really talented producers that I hope to work with again. The creative trust that has been placed in us from the start by both Greg and Cinemax has made the show a very rewarding environment to work within.

Freelance composer for Methodic Doubt Music. Brian is clear and communicative dohbt I would highly recommend him to anyone! Or does it help to be a fan? Contact Brian Gocher Methodic Doubt. We really cut our teeth scoring movie and video game trailers and have amassed hundreds of credits in those fields.

methodic doubt music

Brian Gocher Methodic Doubt favorite favorite. During that time, there were opportunities that would come up to demo songs for commercials and movie trailers, so I would work my day job at the label, then go home and stay up all night demo’ing songs at my kitchen table with a laptop and a cheap guitar.