But every time I have to pay the bill, I have to do it, otherwise, they’ll cut my signal. I have spent so much money with this company. That’s when I saw she had a drink in her hand they were dancing behind my husband and I told my husband, “Watch. I went into the store whit my mom to pay her phone bill and asked questions on what they could do for my phone that had broken. I asked my wife where her rebate slips and her receipt were. I called customer service again and they apologized again.

metropcs prl 3018

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We are able to get text messages, but that was it. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own. He told me that they were going to conduct a dealer questionnaire and determine if I was indeed a victim of fraud. This is the worst phone. He never issued me any rebate even after months and months of me going back and forth to his store.

Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it’s way! I am going back where I bought and will demand all my money back and keep the phone. So then three weeks passed by, I’m at the club having fun by myself well with my husband and out of nowhere this girl came up to me and starts grinding on me and I mean pdl.


metropcs prl 3018

A link has directed you to this review. Is it through snail mail? I thought I would check to see if I entered the card wrong I was angry typing by this metropxs so it’s not out of the realm of possibility but it didn’t give me the option to review. Must we the public always remain helpless at the mercy of these companies and their fine print?

metropcs prl 3018

None of MetroPCS’s take on this matter makes sense because I swear, it makes none at this point in time. Sam mrtropcs BrooklynNY.

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Xochilt of Anaheimca. I asked if they have the contact information for the 3108 Manager for the Brooklyn, NY stores and to my surprise they did not.

That’s when I saw she had a drink in her hand they were dancing behind my husband and I told my husband, “Watch. If I do not get the results I deserve, I will contact every media outlet in the Central Florida area!

Watch out for his modus operandi of seemingly making it easy for you by filling up needed forms on your behalf for claiming the rebates. I paid my November bill and my phone gets disconnected three days later. It barely has service—no matter where I am, people never hear me clearly. Jun 1, 9 0 5. I am now being told they will not be mailed out until January ! metroppcs


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Sandra of Santa MariaCA. Now since I don’t have a phone, you wanna get a hold of me e-mail me at blueyedboy20 gmail. But I am no lawyer Consumer affairs. But why, I thought, this was supposed to be a new phone. I pdl to local Metro PCS store. Sherry of Stonemountain, GA.

I’ll be glad for anyone to stand up for the way they screw us! Yes, you should periodically update your roaming list. The PRL has updated automatically on our my wife and I phones since we got them. The recording said I needed a calling card.

Let’s hope and wish me luck that the people in corporate did not promote from customer service. I immediately called the Dublin store and spoke to the manager, Christian, who told me each business is independent and determines their own business practices.