The music is there just search and jam out. I would enjoy it if you included get back up again by toby mac. This app is my usual go to, but now every time I open it, within 3 seconds it freezes and after waiting it will just get kick me out the app. I really love this app I use it all the time. Have a lot of songs you can download and enjoy for later usage offline but whats the point of having the shuffle feature if all the songs are still going to play in the order it was downloaded. I love it so much, but I tried looking up all my favorite songs but some of the songs don’t show up or the artist. Literally better than pandora, I am so happy with this app.

miguel simple things audiomack

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I verified my Internet connection and is working great. This app used to be the best, still is. You need to add more songs. So, I made my own. Best app for music imo! Is it an update really?

miguel simple things audiomack

Each mix is made as you place the order — depending on how much you order, it can take a few days to get them done. I have been using this app for a long adiomack and it has been so good and also you can listen to music for free and also listen to that music offline.


One of the best audjomack apps so far! I appreciate this app so much. Think of it as surfing — You have to climb up the wave and ride it down. This app is the best it help when you you have you no WiFi I love this app so I wish it the only music app but it very good.

Jadakiss – “Jason” (prod. Swizz Beatz) | 2DOPEBOYZ

The problem is that new songs that are very popular for ex: Downloads music audiomac, offline streaming. This app is amazing only problem is some songs randomly stop playing and skip to the next song, and when I go back to play the song that was skipped, the same thing happens.

Every single day, it removes a song or two and I have to constantly download them back The app is amazing and works great. There’s a bug when you select shuffle and click on the next song and go back the song you were originally listening to changes.

Simple Things (Remix)

So basically, I put all of the tracks I wanted to play into a playlist, and played it in any order I wanted to.

And it has all the kpop songs I love on it. This app makes me so excited and I really enjoy playing and download songs and listening offline anywhere. The only think id ask is a equalizer be added. I loved this app.


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Other than that great app. Customer Reviews of the Audiomack App. This is just like SoundCloud but better! Not only is it convenient, but this app allows u to listen to offline music for free.

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Other than that keep up the good work guys!! Do you want the mix to have clean or dirty lyrics? But I am having issues now after some new updates. This app is headed in the right direction. More updates in the near future please.

Absolutely great app under appreciated for sure as u can actually turn off your phone as you listen to whatever you want for free butt The app is amazing, but Name required Email required Mailing Address required Phone Number required What simpls s would you like the mix to be?

But being able to do that, I have to go to my Gmail Inbox so that I can reset my password.

miguel simple things audiomack

The app is great I just wish you could organize your music a-z by song title instead of artist name.