I know it’s really crappy, but I’ll be uploading more better animations. Posted June 27, edited. Hope you enjoyed the video, if you did please feel free to Like, Comment and most of all Subscribe! It was kinda tough scaling the mouth parts, but it was worth it! What’s the best rig for Minecraft Animation in Cinema 4D? Merge with Automatic Lip Sync 3. Ye know, half the people who said it was awesome didn’t like it.

minecraft steve rig weedlion

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Hey guys, this is my first attempt at making a frame-by-frame animation! Imgur changed it to a JPEG file though: You obviously didn’t think of why I made separate topics. This entire animation was rkg in Mine-imator.

minecraft steve rig weedlion

Comment the funniest comment you can co. If you have not subscribe and you think a deserve. Posted June 27, edited. Thanks for clicking on this video and expect more to come!


This is just an animation test. Here’s the free weedlion paid rig download link: Minecraft Cinema 4D Tutorial 1 the basics of weedlions rig Skid.

Minecraft cinema 4d steve rig

Hi guys, welcome to a Cinema 4D tutorial. Minecraft Blender- Weedlion rig. Other than that, great job! I know it’s really crappy, but I’ll be uploading more better animations. This isn’t an actual animation, this is just a test.

Minecraft cinema 4d steve rig download

Prepare to see one of the most perfect depiction for the pain you feel. Merge with Automatic Lip Sync 3.

Also if you have subscribed that is very appreciated! Free Weedlion Paid Rig!

weedlion steve rig

Because I’ve been wanting to show you guys! It helps a lot and encourages me to do a lot more videos for you.

minecraft steve rig weedlion

Tdit, I do not like what you do to annoy others. This is my minecgaft walk cycle test in c4d. Weedlion’s Paid Rig for free! How do you guys make that mouth? Please leave a like if you enjoyed! TechnicKick’s Weedlion V2 https: You just thought you’d make a joke, eh?


minecraft steve rig weedlion

Sorry about the low-res. Then you will learn how to use and move the rig around.

Plz help me by answering in the comment section below! My intro competition is begin today! Nvm figured it out myself. Photoshop, Sony Vegas Pro 11 -Subsc. By ShahJune 27, in Rigs.