Just like a web email account, you just register and log in. Information is presented in simple charts, graphs and tables to help you identify patterns and problems. Just register and log in. Uploading a Linked BG Meter: Each report is displayed as a PDF file in a separate window so you can save to your computer if you wish. If you have multiple devices, such as an insulin pump with a non-linked meter, each device must be uploaded separately.

minimed carelink software

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Read about the infusion sets and reservoirs as key components for successful insulin pump therapy. The system also uses Secure Sockets Layer SSLa data encryption technology, which ensures that data is unreadable during the transfer. Uploading a Linked BG Meter: From the main Reports page, select a report from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

minimed carelink software

Upload Easily upload from any computer. If you click on another tab or link during an upload, the upload will be canceled.

minimed carelink software

Privacy statement Terms of use Site map Accessibility Statement. The software will automatically return it to normal operation when the upload process is complete.

How do I create reports? How frequently should I use the software? Select the date or date range for the report and click the Go button.


Frequently asked questions

The most commonly used reports: Once the applet loads, the first device upload window is displayed. Seeing this information in chart, graph, and table formats allows you softwaare better identify patterns and problems that will help you work out the root cause of your low and high blood glucose levels.

minimed carelink software

Skip to main content. Your healthcare professional may recommend how often you should upload data from your device. Daily summary Focuses on one day and provides three graphs, including meter and sensor glucose readings, insulin usage, the carbohydrates you have eaten and carelin exercise routines.

These reports can help you to understand the effects of insulin dosage, eating habits, exercise routine, and medication on your minmied levels and are the key to improving your diabetes control.


The system has been tested to work on the following browser versions: It is preferable to use the meters for uploading data as the meters are USB port 2. Pregnancy planning Real-life stories Planning a pregnancy Insulin through pregnancy Pump: Reducing complications Real-life stories What causes complications?

To more easily identify patterns and problems Easy to read reports can help you understand the effects of insulin, carbohydrates and exercise on your glucose levels. How long does it take to upload data?


When you are ready to complete the upload, click Finish. We’re with you every step of the way. Skip to main content. Generally we recommend uploading every 4 to 6 weeks.

Before we begin, please close all programs and any documents containing private or personal softqare The remote session will be started when you accept the above terms by pressing the button “OK”. Collaborate Share with your doctor. Passwords are case-sensitive and can be any combination of letters or numbers from 4 to 20 characters. The list of report types that you can see may vary depending on the device s you have uploaded, but the descriptions below give you an overview of the different kinds of reports that you can choose from.

Second, because your device cannot hold more than three months of information, frequent uploads will help you avoid gaps in your data over time.