Separate roles for Swift nodes. Neutron server failed to send port notifications after dhcp agent restart. OSTF test for check key injection faied with No route to host: Package for Ceph Nailgun plugin is needed. Return back an ability to install Fedora kernel. Keystone issue when scaling controllers. Validate method failed for class groups:

mirantis fuel 6.1

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WebUI doesn’t check a field type during regex validation. Fuel for OpenStack 6.

mirantis fuel 6.1

This milestone contains Fusl information Everyone can see this information. All repositories added to CentOS environment are used with the same priority. A JSON text must at least contain two octets! Deployment has failed with error on controller: OSTF test ‘Check stack autoscaling’ failed: Deploy Changes dialog rework. Its core components are: Sporadic failures of haproxy backend status lead to nova entities creation issues.


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Add pcs OCF for Openstack services. LACP interfaces are configured later than ifup exits. Cluster patching may lead to all the pacemaker resources moved to the only controller. User should be able to define what part of the system his plugin implements. Fail to deploy Ubuntu environment when Fuel and node are behind proxy. This server will conflict with the installation.

Deployment failed after upgrade fuel from 6. StopDeployment task has to be improved. Timed out waiting for a reply to message ID. Send names of the nodes which user specifies via UI.

OSTF test fail without message on reverted environment. Astute should add astute.

mirantis fuel 6.1

Master node installation failed when boot from usb device. Race in Postgres on master node in mirwntis. Time limit exceeded while waiting for ‘ping’ command to finish.

Fuel for OpenStack 6.1

Create volume from image fails in vcenter-cinder availability zone. Ceilometer agent compute cannot reconnect to rabbitmq after RabbitMQ failover. New package cinder-vmware-init should be append to Fuel. Add jenkins test group to TestRail report.


Recheck GRE performance in 6. Download files for this release File Description Downloads.

DHCP agent resync restarts all dnsmasq processes on any dhcp driver exception. Timeout of provisioning is exceeded on Ubuntu neutron gre.

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Packages with merged patches are not copied to proposed repo. Add new parametrs for customazing building staging mirrors. Perfomance tests fail because of deploying unprovisioned nodes. Novaclient import error on oscc ci.