His Life and Work and the seminal Power: You know, I’m taking a philosophy class in school and I totally love it, which is why this book caught my eye. Moral Relativism Big Ideas. Close mobile search navigation Article Navigation. History of Western Philosophy. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

moral relativism steven lukes

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Moral Relativism

First is the concept that there are many moral systems instead of a single universal one; Amazonian tribal peoples have a dif I was disappointed by Steven Lukes Moral Relativism. Refresh and try again. There’s also something lacking as far as systematic description; Lukes spends a lot of time giving examples that are important to the primary source literature on moral relativism, documents discussing rituals performed outside of Europe, as seen by Anglo anthropologists.

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Moral Relativism — Steven Lukes – Biblioklept

Nov 23, Dale Furutani rated it it was ok Shelves: Morality and Convention and The Culture of Morality: Is there a single moral standard that is best practice? This is a solid, succinct little book about how we can all get along and improve our treatment of humanity in general. Using a variety of moal including philosophy, anthropology, history, and literature, Lukes addresses the fundamental conflict of moral relativism: I personally hold politics in little regard, and so this book, though only about pages, became a bore to me.


But, how does this relate to the death penalty? Selected pages Title Page. Moral relativism also encompasses the belief that no moral system should be more privileged than another and that the morality of a particular behavior depends on the context. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. He also says this view relativosm the possibility of contention and struggle for change within a culture.

moral relativism steven lukes

Iddo Tavory – – Relarivism Theory 29 4: This article is also available for rental through DeepDyve. One senses that the argument is about to shift toward the consideration of objective moral values when Lukes cites the work of Eliot Turiel The Development of Social Knowledge: This might, Luke hopes, form the basis of a healthy re-examination of the justice of particular cultural norms.

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Moral Relativism — Steven Lukes

Sign in via your Institution Sign in. These lukrs turn up everywhere, from Montaigne’s essay on cannibals, to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, to the debate over female genital mutilation. At some point he says Moral Relativism is a non-sequitur, after he has spent pages defining it. Well Lukes does not swallow any of this.

moral relativism steven lukes

Who are the real barbarians? Mind you, it’s not the focus of the book or even most of the focus. Morality, on this picture, is the product of time and place, and there is nothing more to moral approval or outrage than the cultural conditioning of emotion. Not as intriguing as I first thought.


moral relativism steven lukes

I’m still puzzling over how I feel about this quote from the book “Swidler cites as one example the small role played in young women’s career plans and family choices by values and sgeven as opposed to their immediate situations: Does anyone know what this stevne is talking about? There are a few problems with the book; the first is that while Lukes offers some tangential thoughts on relativism at the end of the book, it doesn’t really answer many of the substantive objections raised by modern anti-relativists.

In this provocative new book, the distinguished social theorist Steven Lukes takes an incisive and enlightening look at these and other challenging questions and considers the very foundations of what we believe, why we believe it, and whether there is a profound discord between “us” and “them.

Steven Miral Lukes is a political and social theorist.

Dec 11, Gary rated it liked it.