For online navigation, your smartphone needs Internet connection to plan and to estimate the route; for offline navigation, the app does not require an internet connection. This situation is not ideal from our point of view. This saves battery power and your phone can remain in the pocket. Naviki is a new type of navigation system based on OSM data as well as on tracks contributed by Naviki users. How do I switch the assist levels of my e-bike? Since removing ads is considered as a subscription, you may not buy it with Google Play credit.

naviki offline

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During navigation and recording the speedometer is automatically displayed.

Bicycle routing for leisure and vacation. In that case, you will need to download the offline maps. If you have an SD card you can manually change the storage location for offline maps. The Naviki apps are available world-wide. OSM data plus this information forms the basis on which new routes are calculated for other Naviki users.

Where on my phone will the offline maps be saved? Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Prefers sealed and smooth surfaces, tracks allowing high-speed cycling, minor roads, a scenic environment. Plan routes on www. What can I do? Your purchased extras will be available on your new smartphone without any costs as soon as you are connected with the respective Google or Apple account.


This can be fixed for the Naviki app as follows:. This way you do not have to type in or search the respective address, you just select the desired contact. Will already purchased extras work on the new device as well? We regularly receive a lot of emails day-to-day.

naviji Yes, it’s very easy to calculate round trips with the Naviki app and on the Naviki website. Moreover, if you find an address with a phone navjki as part of a point of interest inside the Naviki map, you may call this number immediately from the Naviki app.

I bought ‘Turn-by-turn instructions’ as an in app purchase but I can’t hear any voice output. The app send me trough nice streets and placesalways correct! Retrieved from ” https: Especially when you are riding away from home. You can always add an individual description. Naviki everyday routing gives you the cycle tracks for your daily activities. Why is the data on my coachsmart LEV always being set to “0”? This page was last edited offlien 30 Novemberat Compatibility Requires iOS 9.


The best feature for me is you can say how long you want to bike and the app will create custom routes for you to bike along bike routes to make it safe.

naviki offline

Naviki is optimised for low electric power consumption. Interesting places as destinations and on map.

Naviki FAQ – Questions and answers

Spontaneous deviation from a planned route is no problem – Naviki automatically calculates a new route to your destination. In nzviki to do so, please select ‘offline maps’ in the settings menu.

naviki offline

This is a sign that the app is connected to the device. Fietsnetwerk – Experience cycling free.

Naviki Android App FAQ

You can access these updates in the app by tapping the button ‘update offline maps’. Are the different extras available separately or do I have to buy all extras at once? By means of spoken instructions, the phone can remain in your pocket which is energy-saving.