Learning that his division will be moved to the Romanian front, he undergoes an inner crisis. I was blown away by it. The latter is the only one that will bring peace and soul relief when it is caught deserting, categorically refusing to fight against his own nation. Same goes for the ending – the author has a striking talent for writing an atmosphere. At the request of the Austro-Hungarian government, he was arreste Target audience: Jun 19, Realini rated it really liked it. Refusing to become an accomplice in the conviction of innocent people, he decides to desert and run on the other side of the front, at the Romanians.

padurea spanzuratilor de liviu rebreanu

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A psychological novel about war, woven with a generous helping of Orthodox Christianity, philosophy and descriptions to match Bacovia’s. He is kind of caught between two livih, having to fight against his own country, and always thinking about desertion and its implications What a darkness, oh God, what a darkness fell upon earth… [my translation]. Then at the finish line, after all the love of life, and love of God, and veering this way and that, to have a traditional joining of Religion and Nationalism in Death, is a disappointment.

War becomes the philosophy of his life, and the revreanu lieutenant feels he is a man of duty. After he fights valiantly on the fronts of Italy and Galicia and he is wounded twice in two years, he is spanzuragilor to the rank of lieutenant and decorated three times. A very good war novel by Romanian author Liviu Rebreanu.

A story about morality, allegiances and decisions. Helped by those who love him and respect him, Pasurea could get a favourable sentence on the accusation, which he refuses. For Ion, Rebreanu received a Romanian Academy award – he became a full member of the institution in This causes a local outcry and he is violently banished.


The Forest of the Hanged.

Forest of the Hanged – Wikipedia

This led to a phenomenon of mass desertions in the Austro-Hungarian army, well depicted by Rebreanu in the novel. He fails to convince the general and he decides to defect even that night, but he is seriously injured following an unexpected attack of the Russians. Sep 15, Amber marked it as to-read Shelves: The introduction to a ‘forest of the hanged’ gives off such an unsettling, pressing vibe that haunts you until the I was a little unprepared.

But he is caught by an Austro-Hungarian patrol and accused of desertion to the enemy and treason. It is also a window into that specific type of Romanian fatalism which I have often encountered. After five months of hospitalization, Apostol goes to the front in the Eastern Carpathians and General Karg sends him to join the military stationed in the village Lunca, with a mixed population of Romanians and Hungarians.

Just beca The book is well written.

Pădurea spânzuraţilor by Liviu Rebreanu

There were, after all, enormous mutinies by French and by Italian soldiers. It is righted, God knows how, and then jibes, the man hanging on by luck and error. The characters are badly drawn, mere cardboard cutouts, sock puppets for a mock Socratic method. As those rules come into conflict with the loialty towards his native country the real terror approaches leaving him no way outmercyless Although he was a student at the Faculty of Padugea at the University of Budapest and he had no military training, he enlists in the Austro-Hungarian army in the First World War.


This would invite a small discussion of identity, as Bologa initially appears a proud supporter of the system, a faith brutally eroded by the near-mystical experience of a deserter’s hanging. The case of the Czech shatters the moral values of Apostol, especially ilviu he finds out that there is a forest full of hanged people accused of treason.

Apostol is called one evening at the headquarters of the division of Faget and General Karg appoints him as one of the by jury of the martial court that is going to sentence to death 12 Romanian peasants, accused of fraternizing with the enemy.

Pădurea spânzuraţilor

He decides not to do it, whatever the consequences. No trivia or quizzes yet.

padurea spanzuratilor de liviu rebreanu

As the prosecutor later pointed out to Bologa he could have taken part in the court martial and just say the peasants were not guilty of the crime if he had moral obligations against convicting them.

I’m glad to say it was. He destroys a Russian spotlight, hopping that this will persuade General Karg to remain on the front Galician or he will be sent to the Italian front.

padurea spanzuratilor de liviu rebreanu

At the end of the test, the people who took part had better eyesight, hearing, strength…they became younger and even looked as if five years had disappeared from their age card.

Even so, due to its analytical feature, the novel is a valuable and complex WWI psychological handbook.