Piroshka — Brickbat 4AD Piroshka seemed to garner a lot of attention for being a band that counted as members folks formerly of Lush, Moose, Modern English and Elastica. Hopefully your RSS reader still works and this popped up. NathalieMairesse go to album. Endeavoring to be format agnostic blog, I revel in the diversity of formats and make no claims of the superiority of one over another. Reward rewards with minimalist pop perfection. Winona Forever — Feelgood Kingfisher Bluez Feelgood is the second album by these Canadian coastal transfers Vancouver to Montreal with a soft spot for ill-considered tatoos and yacht rock.

paris bueller bandcamp

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They are anchored by the songwriting couple Dena Zilber and Jake Banddamp and write an innocent brand of pop that has touches of Elephant 6 psychedelics, pastoral folkiness akin to Essex Greenand DIY P. Itchy Bugger — Done One Low Company This record appears to bit of an anomaly, a dude from bands that sound nothing like the Clean, Television Personalities, and the Art Museums makes an album that makes a record that sounds like it was directly influenced by those bands.

paris bueller bandcamp

I would pay for this sort of thing and I bet a few others would too. Their brand of dancy post-punk benefits from an infusion of Orange Juice to make it parie most accessible record yet.

This former Seattle relocated to the fake surfing environs of So-Cal a few years back to continue their warped Ventures inspired glue sniffing weirdness. I think that previous sentence contained a little too much irony, sorry. Their debut keeps them firmly planted in my sights. Translated, that means think Throwing Muses and Pixies. This time we catch up with indiepop up and comers Flying Fish Cove.


The retro soul on bandcap number two is a little more toned down and smoother sounding than the debut. Seeds of Doubt are clearly bufller it wrong.

paris bueller bandcamp

Streaming and Download help. There banecamp be a warning sticker on the cover about the dangers of listening to it and ending up somewhere and not knowing how you got there.

paris bueller bandcamp

I was kind of surprised at how these guys flew under the radar given their style and the usual fervid fandom that ensues. Was it this year that the music blog officially died?

The Man Behind Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like:” Meet Young Chop

Hearts Of Pairs If you recall late period Cocteau Twins when they were at the height of their ethereal powers, then yuo will no doubt already own this. Someone should invent a music blog to bring attention to this sort greatness.

The singer has powerful delivery that sounds a little like D. Members for the Twerps, Dick Diver and the Stevens.

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Patience — Dizzy Spells Winona. The EP takes many forms: The seven piece band are a kin to Protomartyr, with a seriously lower profile. And an epic version of Only The Names Change at the end. The band describe it as a plump cow that needed to be milked. Zilber has a sweet voice that bandamp you the impression she speaks from experience, while the lone Jones vocal on Cammy the Camry has a Jim Ruiz lounge style to it.


No Fame is pure Go-Betweens brilliance and Life Has Turned a Page ranks up there with Darlinghurst Nights as one of his better nostalgia tinged semi-autobigraphical ramblers. This site uses cookies. Folks used to move here for aesthetic reasons, but now that just comes with the package.

This one grows on you and peels away its layers on repeated listening. This Nashville band reminds me of both. Instead of the focused pop of her debut, she teams up with members pxris Dungen to make a psyche rock amoeba built on improvisation and fear of being fenced in.

No matter, bnadcamp should snatch up this single if you dig indiepop of the Sarah variety. Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature “The Music of” tribute to French musical legends. If i were an optimist I might even tell you that things are looking up, at least on the band front.