Flightpath is the only Aviation English course to offer a thorough grounding in the full range of communication skills needed by aviation professionals to communicate in non-routine situations. Join over 4, people and benefit from the best preparation programme available…. This test is designed to test your situational awareness and your perception of aural and visual information. Now I actually found the real test on pattern recognition much easier, which is good news! Your correct hits will be shown in the box on the right, alongside and misses. Now obviously your brain needs to be able to mentally rotate and flip these men in order to see which shapes are in which hand.


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This keypad is the preferable control device to use in some training modules and provided to leverage preparative value of our software. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Tasking the candidate with controlling multiple intermittently changing datums, Guidance assesses and enhances selective attention and hand-to-eye coordination skills.

The software comes with a special USB keypad which is required for several tests in the pilapy.

SkyTest® Preparation Software for UK Pilot Aptitude Screenings (incl. special keypad)

Be careful not to overuse the stick and avoid really heavy movements to avoid throwing the aircraft about and risk missing the boxes. ILS Tracking Test The ILS tracking test is piilapt test your hand-eye coordination as you keep the aircraft centred in the middle of the incoming circles they are boxes in the real testusing a joystick.

The piece of German software costs A Super Plus Subscription can be purchased instantly online and will provide access to the content shown below: Plus Shipping and Handling. Pilapg would then need to decide how many pictures this rule applies to, i. Mimicking tasks within a jet aircraft, Aspects assesses and enhances candidate ability in spatial awareness by incorporating aural statements and visual imagery. This site uses cookies. Hands Information Processing Test. Whilst this may seem expensive, it was totally worth it as I am not sure I would have passed the tests otherwise.



Hand eye coordination — keep the red cross hair centred on the central cross in the middle of the grey frame deviation indicator using the joystick. Use our Maths database, which contains a large collection of questions and answers organised in to easy, medium and hard difficulties.

Flight Training Adelaide

Comprehensive summarization of many abstract topics for pilots, engineers and aviation enthusiasts. Apple Mac OS The software features five pilot aptitude training modules for UK Pilot Aptitude screenings, six for a BA test preparation, eight reasoning tests, four math, six physics and six technical comprehension modules.

It will be sent to your address without any additional fees. Each test assesses a specific aptitude shown to predict performance in flying training.

UK: PilApt Preparation: Pattern Recognition Test

Flightpath is the only Aviation English course to offer a thorough grounding in the full range of communication skills needed by aviation pila;t to communicate in non-routine situations. Some of these tasks will be repeated three times, so you have the opportunity to improve your score. Memory assesses selective attention and memory capacity skills, tasking the candidate with efficiently memorising and inputting four sets of data repeatedly.


The candidate must examine the grid and determine which shape does not represent the provided values. You may also be interested in these items: Training Modules Comprehensive test explanations and interactive First Steps demos to get a quick feeling for the test Several default difficulty levels for each training module Randomly generated tasks to avert recurring tasks Extensive custom settings options for each training module Performance Statement Comprehensive performance analysis after each training session Feedback on individual aspects of tests Performance graphs to illustrate performance developments in tasks Stat Stat tool with graphs to illustrate long-term performance development Avg.

Do you have the ability to improve your results and get better at something?

Switch establishes an understanding of memory capacity and selective attention skills, tasking the candidate with efficiently acknowledging change. Your correct hits will be shown in the pllapt on the right, alongside and misses.

Audio — a voice will start reading out three digit numbers, in descending order, for example,… read out as five, zero, lilapt four, nine, pipapt. Various shapes of different colour will then flash up for a few seconds next to the deviation indicator. Please note that the aptitude tests taken at Oxford Aviation Academy may be different.

A challenging activity, Adjust assesses multi-tasking, spatial awareness, hand-to-eye coordination, selective attention and mental mathematic skills.


You should have around seconds to do this.