Without them, PostSharp would not exist and we would work somewhere else. As developers, we usually think in terms of design patterns but with conventional programming languages which lack support for implementing patterns, we end up writing repetitive code. First, I was getting bored at work. The download includes both the community and professional editions. These benchmarks were done using RedGate Performance Profiler 6 and the following code in a console application project with.

postsharp community edition

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PostSharp | Christophe Geers’ Blog

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The complete package to automate repetitive code in your code base. Just add these files to a console application project. What are your core values? Custom License Agreement Does your legal department require amendments to the PostSharp license agreement?

postsharp community edition

What does this really mean? Plug into your own cache storage. Starting new threads and tasks in. But you can commujity learn something new from them. Use the GetExceptionType method to specify the exception type to handle. We often look for unprecedented solutions, study different approaches and methods, and look for new ways how to find the best solution.


posysharp The download includes both the community and professional editions. Email required Address never made public. Are you evaluating PostSharp for a team or is the procurement process at your company rather slow? You’ll be done in minutes.

PostSharp Fast Track

You are commenting using your WordPress. Nowadays, PostSharp is a tool with customers all over the world. PostSharp is an aspect-oriented programming AOP framework that allows you to encapsulate repeating code patterns as.

User-Based Licenses Free Licenses.

PostSharp Weaving: Community vs Professional – Reasons to get a professional license

Using the power of attributes you can apply them to multiple parts of your code. WriteLine “Division by zero exception” ; args. OnExit args ; Console. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: A setup wizard will guide you through the installation process. People are not subjected to pressure. There, apart from having a job, he started investing in the open-source project PostSharp.

PostSharp adds an additional compilation step, which post-processes the compiler output and re-writes the code to include the functionality of the aspect. You can tell pretty quickly when someone is not into it. PostSharp is a commercially-developed product with a highly popular free edition named PostSharp Essentials.


postsharp community edition

Afterwards it will revert to the community edition which contains fewer features. We do what we know best.

NET and Cfamously expressed his disapproval. From Developers to Developers Our vision erition very simple — we want to create the best tools for software developers to make their work more efficient.

postsharp community edition

Active 8 years, 6 months ago. See our volume discounts. WriteLine “Press any key to continue. The OnExit method contains the code that will be executed after the method has executed, but right before it returns and goes out of scope.