The kinematics of the machine, no matter what kind, and no matter how complex The behavior of the material, elasticity, plasticity, hardening and softening, as well as effects that depend on temperature and speed The friction and contact between the tooling and the workpiece The thermodynamics of the process, workpiece heating, heat transfer into the dies and into the environment, temperature increase due to forming energy, friction heat, etc. The operation of simulation software very often requires a lot of expert knowledge to build up and program complex models. We achieve this high degree of precision by using boundary conditions and representations that have been conceived with the demands of the user in mind. Get Best Price 1. With the added parallelizable Segment-to-Segment calculation method in the new solver, Simufact Forming 15 is now able to simulate large models with deformable bodies faster and efficiently. Moreover, this powerful application does not require any high technical knowledge in the field and provides a complete solution for shaping the metal components. Year of Establishment


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Easy, intuitive Windows style user interface e. Moreover, this powerful application does not require any high technical knowledge in the field and provides a complete solution for shaping the metal components. The automatic measurement of the weld nugget facilitates the evaluation of resistance spot welds of geometric characteristics, such simufactforming measuring the welding lens geometry.

As a result, the user can retrace any corrections that have been made.

With the Query Results function querying valuesengineers can selectively record and determine result quantities. It is a complete 3D designing application that simulates the overall process and improves the usability factor.



This reduces the need for training and simplifies the simulation of multi-stage processes Extremely easy to generate model variants. Develop an additive manufacturing design-to-print workflow using AM-aware tools for designers to take advantage of For example, designing the coil, which is the core of inductive heating.

Simufact Forming

With a few clicks, all standard-forming processes can be simulated and evaluated. The required electromagnetic material properties needed for these types of workflow can be imported by the extended JMatPro interface.

During the simulation simyfact.forming, the simufacr.forming places markers on areas with possible folds. Simufact Forming is a simulation tool for hands-on professionals working with forming technology.

Number of Employees Upto 10 People. Design and optimize inductive simufact.forminb processes Inductive heating is used in many areas of industrial manufacturing, which include, heating of workpieces to forming temperature, induction hardening, and induction welding. X Tell us your requirement to Get Best Price. The user imports the optimised tool geometries into Simufact Forming 16 and continues setting up the model.

Dies, drive parts, or gear parts gears are often case hardened at the end of the manufacturing process to combine a wear-resistant surface with a tough behavior in the core.

Numerous tools and improvements included in this release. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. In Simufact Forming, compared to 3D full models, the user can save computing time while retaining practice-oriented full 3D visualization.

View all posts by: Users can identify errors, remove unwanted effects, and make optimizations.


MSC Simufact Forming v15 Free Download – ALL PC World

Simyfact.forming can now optimize and design parts with inductive heating processes and subsequent hardening processes.

The upcoming release covers highlights and improvements to create simulation models, set up complex manufacturing processes and more.


Simulating Forming with Simufact Forming Easy-to-use for the highest level of productivity Simufact Forming is a simulation tool for hands-on professionals working with forming technology. Simufact Forming Version 15 extends the functions of simulating heat treatment processes in order to make practical use of the thermochemical effects in case hardening.

The application provides complete support for CAD data and allows the users to easily process and evaluate the designs. A further highlight of the latest version is to compare the simulated model with a reference model e. Users will now be able to simulate inductive heating processes as well as case hardening.


Simplyfied positioning of dies and tools with the re-designed postionier. The newly implemented user coordinate system allows users to compare their simulated component with the target design or with 3D measurement data as a reference model. Simufact Forming takes into account all areas of forming technology and therefore ensures a highly realistic simulation of the processes.

Case hardening process simulated in Simufact Forming Our goal is to focus the software to the practical needs of the users.