The proportion of women with six or more prenatal visits and all basic exams was Process indicators were created to monitor implementation steps and program continuity. The later includes the physical infrastructure of health units, subcontracting of quality complementary tests according to strict parameters and the establishment of connections between different levels of care. The current study aimed to compare prenatal data from two information sources: Reduction of maternal mortality:

sisprenatal datasus

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The Cochrane Library, Issue 3, Nonetheless, in ARES 3, only Outras dificuldades ocorreram, tais como: Jose Guilherme Cecatti Unicamp R. Coverage of PHPN was also analyzed, according to the minimal requirements and the process indicators proposed by the Ministry of Health. The data-entry program was developed in EpiInfo, version 6. Scientific basis for the content of routine antenatal care. The technocratic, humanistic, and holistic paradigms of childbirth.

The following analyses were conducted of PHPN coverage: During the same period, 1, were admitted in the maternity through SUS, of which 1, were included in the study. A review of the last half century.

As the name suggests, the PHPN assumes humanized and quality care, to reach the goal to decrease maternal and perinatal mortality in Brazil, although the causal relationship between improved prenatal care and reduction in morbidity and mortality rates is questionable, due to the observational nature of the relevant studies.


Ssiprenatal maternal mortality in the developing world: It can be assumed that information recorded on the prenatal booklet and on medical records are more reliable since they are performed during the visit by direct transcription. Infant mortality due to perinatal causes in Brazil: Participants signed voluntary informed consent forms, after being informed about the research methods, objectives and justification.

sisprenatal datasus

Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand ; The data collected from admission records and prenatal booklets which are routinely attached to each other were transcribed on the data collection instrument.

Off to a rapid start: Anemia, arterial hypertension, urinary tract infection and pre-term labor were among the most frequent problems during pregnancy. Care in normal birth. The minimum stay for a woman in a maternity hospital is 48 hours. The discrepancy between the data from the two information sources on prenatal care in the municipality revealed probable failures in recording. A substantial difference can also be found for tetanus vaccination according to DATASUS, which reinforces the conclusion that integration between the multiprofessional team is fundamental for improved documentation of information.


According to previous studies, the proportion of women that perform the second round of exams is always less than expected and less than the proportion that performed the first routine exams. The involvement of the entire health team in meeting the implicit and explicit demands of the population, in addition to correctly documenting data about prenatal care, would represent fundamental changes in public policy. How to cite this article.


Eventually, decentralization of the information system could reduce undernotification of procedures performed during prenatal care, through online information systems for professionals providing care in the health units.

SISPRENATAL as a tool for evaluating quality of prenatal care

How to cite this article. Bull World Health Organ ; The first step occurred in the maternity hospital, between 1 November and 31 Octobera 12 month study period.

The greatest difference between sisprenatsl registries occurred in the documentation of routine second tests.

sisprenatal datasus

Ssisprenatal was a significant difference between information sources for all parameters analyzed. The Municipal Secretary of Health developed a protocol for obstetric care and also developed training efforts for the multiprofessional team in primary care.

Abouzahr C, Wardlaw T. Innovative and challenging, the PHPN remains a main guideline for health care during pregnancy, birth and the puerperal period, and challenges remain to improve the quality of care delivered and the adequate documentation of health information.

sisprenatal datasus

WHO antenatal care randomised trial for the evaluation of a new model of routine antenatal care.