It was normal for me to completely disassemble the studio and on stage — except for a few external devices — reassemble them. I took the glasses with me and looked at it and I would say, with 21, the limit is definitely reached, otherwise the greater part of the audience looses contact. When tracks hint that they may never end, they do. Do you feel lonely sometimes when you are up there? Just that kind of music that you have noticed early on, even some pop songs on the radio, which, when they are played today, trigger something.

spitz auge paul kalkbrenner

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No, I do not kalkbrennner lonely at all. You were not an actor, rather showman, someone playing what he is in real life. We have seen you live on stage several times now and noticed that there is nobody standing next to you inside, behind or next to the booth. I have broken my songs down into parts. When tracks hint that they may never end, they do.

I really like it.

So how do you arrange your music on stage? Growing up in Lichtenberg was naturally an divided experience due to the Fall of the Wall. But I have so much to do.


– Paul Kalkbrenner – Spitz-Auge

It looks like you’re using an ad blocker. He just steps out from the screen. Who is Paul Kalkbrenner and who was Ickarus from the movie? They are the organic nuances of Berlin Calling, the subtle hues of Azure, and the friendly voices of Aaron.

Spitz auge paul kalkbrenner télécharger youtube

Hello, Guten Tag, we are here. In any case, the album title had to be German, but not as weird as the track names. He plays with your sense of time, your sense of space. Before that it was actually very protected, because it was East Berlin.

spitz auge paul kalkbrenner

The same way I do play play live until today. Do you feel lonely sometimes when you are up there? In this way I did all my earlier music.

spitz auge paul kalkbrenner

I can remember that up to a certain age, and even after, we stayed away from Friedrichshain in the evenings because it could happen someone would rip off your jacket or force you to slip off your new sneakers. It is late-night techno without being sinister or industrial.

Two friends of ours who had cameras with them were photographing everything and made loads of pictures.


Back to Top News Album Review: Weaving in and out of each of these sounds, he creates a net that takes you in and tangles you in knots, each ricocheting beat running through your senses, lolling your head from side to side. Although we have done nothing to prevent that too many people got confused inrelating to the film and not knowing who is who — Ickarus, Paul, what? The thing about Kalkbrenner and Guten Tag is the perfect balance between light and dark.


Everything is equally good. To expect that this could get even bigger, I do not think so. All the work takes place on stage. You just had your biggest concert in front of 21, fans.

Please read it to us! What was it like to grow up in Lichtenberg? After the Fall of the Wall there were some Neo-Nazis at the Lichtenberg station and some youth clubs where we started to play techno. The video consists only of those photos, and it was just a normal afternoon for us. The video consists of more than 12, individual photos that are sometimes in 14 layers one above the other.

spitz auge paul kalkbrenner