Screen shot of the TM22 energy assessment spreadsheet showing the navigation bars. Review of changes to TM22 energy assessment tool April If failings in meters are not resolved, there is an option to assign energy use to a ‘no meter’ option. Inevitably this adds a level of ambiguity to the results and should be considered only as a last resort. This is all that is required to benchmark the energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, with and without separables.

tm22 spreadsheet

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TM22 allows the user to account for energy in three distinct periods; core hours based on occupied period, out of hours normally weekday nights and weekends. This is a significant development, as initially the tool was developed just for offices. A reasonable starting point is to gather a list of all sub-meters and records of energy use.

TM22 looks at the building energy use to gauge efficiency, which is the sum of delivered energy plus on-site renewables. A high standard of energy efficiency is a good indication of high management standards. Energy Assessment and Reporting Methodology, to give it its original name, is an excellent aid for operational feedback, and makes energy analysis simple, unambiguous and robust.

At the early stages, half hourly data is not as critical as submitter totals. The energy benchmarks in TM22 now cover all types of non-domestic building.

Half-hourly data only becomes important when trying to understand an energy consumption profile sspreadsheet wastage or sub-optimal running needs to be identified.


This worksheet can be used in a variety of ways, including review of in-use performance before and after a refurbishment or comparison of design predictions with actual measured values.

tm22 spreadsheet

The load factor is another requirement, which is the difference between the rating of the equipment and the actual power use. The next stage is a detailed analysis, which involves capturing information from electrical sub-metering and any gas sub-meters, such as for catering kitchens.

tm22 spreadsheet

This provides a mixed-use building benchmark that is also area-weighted. Screen shot of the TM22 energy assessment spreadsheet showing the navigation bars. Are you visiting bsria.

As with its previous versions, the TM22 model requires a value for intensity of equipment use. The best approach is to start at a basic level and build up the picture with more detail as one becomes confident in the method and the accuracy spreaesheet data.

tm22 spreadsheet

Twelve months is a common period of appraisal, but analysis can be adjusted tk22 any period. For example, buildings in colder climates may spend a greater proportion of the year running in winter conditions, with significant heating and lighting demands and minimal cooling. This article is based on material provided by Robert Cohen of Verco, developers of the latest edition of TM Energy Benchmarks, or benchmarks specified by the user.

An additional feature allows the user to calculate savings for any improvement measures, by changing ratings or the use of equipment. Inevitably this adds a level of ambiguity to the results and should be considered only as a last resort.

When this information is integrated with heating loads, TM22 can provide whole building fossil fuel equivalent carbon emissions.


Tm22 spreadsheet download

GB The method can be used: Electrical sub-meter data is used in TM22 to reconcile against known loads and run-times. The approach improves the level of understanding of building and system performance and reduces the time taken to complete an assessment.

Furthermore, it begins to provide an understanding of the building’s energy efficiency, as the contribution of renewable sources is included in the section on building energy use. Fifteen operational profiles for equipment use can be defined, which allows the on and off times to be set for equipment, and provides total annual running hours. Spreadsehet approach can also be used for Schools and Residential Homes etc with appropriate bench mark data.

User-specified tm222 data can be derived from a property portfolio of energy studies.

TM22 Energy Assessment and Reporting Methodology

It is a useful aid for aligning expectations and providing a check mechanism for regulatory tools like SBEM and similar. In a new building this is a defect that needs to be rectified under warranty. If the building has special energy sprexdsheet or occupancy, the second stage is likely to be required, which can also in most cases be carried out in-house. It was expanded later to include hotels, mixed use industrial buildings and high street banks and agencies.