All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. TruVision Navigator 8 User Manual. Available in numerous languages and for use in all small-medium fire system installations. User documentation Quick start guide This guide provides basic information for installing and using TruNav 7. Port statistics can be be shown and, when supported, power cycle the device connected to a PoE port and reboot the switch.

truvision navigator player

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The integrated security solution that brings it all together.

TruVision Navigator 8.0

In addition to the already rich feature set of TruVision Navigator 7. All IP cameras series and encoders: The heat mapping reports can be a helpful tool for marketing in the retail sector.

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It has a zero footprint — meaning it will launch from the media itself and does not require installation to a machine.

There is a new embedded Device Manager with different tools for managing devices. Truvision navigator player — Interlogix TruVision Navigator 5. Our Solutions TruVision Navigator. TruVision Navigator is best suited for small or medium scaled as well as multi-site installations where you either actively manage a small amount of cameras with a small amount of operators, or when passively managing a larger amount of cameras with a small amount of operators.

TruVision Navigator | Video Management Software | TruVision

Rich feature set In addition to the already rich feature set of TruVision Navigator 7. Robust capabilities simplify operations Feature-rich and easy to use, TruVision Navigator helps to streamline operations in high-volume installations, providing practical and reliable surveillance, even in challenging environments. By clicking the checkbox next to the clip in the Play List, the video will load in a tile 9-up maximum.


All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Unified control for maximum security. Downloads Where To Buy nsw sa wa qld. When completing the download form please ensure you state that you are in Australia or New Zealand. After exporting video clip s from the Collector to the user-defined location, you can launch the TruVision Navigator player by double-clicking the TruVision Navigator Player icon in the file folder where the video clips are located.

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SmartCell wireless control panel, VAC variants without communications module. This product does not only playet a feature-rich and intuitive video management system, but is truly an integrated security system, also covering IFS network equipment, TruPortal access control, UltraSync intrusion panel ZeroWire and intrusion events based on the TruVision recorder intrusion integration.

This license free tool provides a unified user interface for configuration and management of a TruVision video system.

This player should be copied to media along with the video clips for authorities. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. TruVision Navigator 8 Release Notes. TruVision Navigator 8 User Manual.


All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Truvvision reporting function for object counting cameras is available, showing a graph for the selected date and ability to export the data in CSV format.

truvision navigator player

Video Export window Once launched, the TruVision Navigator Player will automatically sweep the directory and load the associated video clips in the Play List from that directory. Operation 52 TruVision Navigator 5. In case of solutions where large camera quantities are being actively managed or navigatir by a large amount of users simultaneously, it is recommended to work with an UltraView solution.

A high-quality and affordable solution With no service or maintenance agreements, TruVision Navigator is a reasonable, yet robust plager security solution. TruVision Navigator v 8 is a bit application with GPU support offering high performance on a properly equipped computer. IFS switches can be added as devices in the device tree. For technical questions or assistance with your fire and security product.

The scalability ensures that users can easily expand and consolidate video surveillance systems without drastic changes to their existing security setup. Monitor and control your video surveillance from anywhere with TVR mobile app.

truvision navigator player