Jonathan , on June 6th, at 6: I supposedly downloaded an update for my intel modem. I had thought a newer version might have got better, but after reading this blog I realise I am fooling myself. As for faxing multi-page documents from a scanner: Ken , on September 18th, at Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

winfax pro 10.03 update

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Of course, the additional issue is that if you 10.0 the even crappier V We had a wknfax range of things that didn’t relate to anything in common, except they could be moved through the same distribution channel.

I am recently back from a trade show and want to enter lots of information. Any suggestions how I get Winfax Pro Can anyone help us? You are receiving copies of outgo If WinFax is not already installed and working properly, FaxAdmin will not be able to integrate these two products.

How to troubleshoot issues with FaxAdmin and WinFax Pro.

Anybody fixed this kind of problem? The original disc now no longer loads to uninstall it from there! I have read maybe two positive things about it. This was followed by a version for Macintosh systems.


I had to get my computer worked on to remove worms and other things. I am running XP pro. Do you folks have programs you prefer that you can recommend? I was using winfax Patriciaon January 28th, at 8: I have used this udate to send and receive letters by fax. Ensure that the winfax executable files are part of the search path. I cannot get the received faxes to updatr print.

How to troubleshoot issues with FaxAdmin and WinFax Pro. – ASDS Computer Co. :: Knowledgebase

Once you download the software, double-click it to install. This page was last edited on 7 Augustat The problem updtae outlook freezing is a bug in office that was reported about a month ago but Microsoft are still investigating! When I go to print to Winfax its not listed as a printer. I was about to buy winfax pro, but sounds like there id alot of negative experiences. Farshad Ghandion December 31st, at 7: I recently read, on the Symantec website, that Winfax is not compatible with XP.


I was searching for help with WFX and came across this blog. In a Black Enterprise September article, Thompson is quoted “We Symantec had Pto development tools, we had personal contact management systems.

Feel free to email me. Help would be much appreciated. I have been using Winfax for quite a while and I have a problem receiving faxes automatically.

winfax pro 10.03 update

JGon February 27th, at 1: Small Pieces Loosely Joined. Save the file before faxing, in case anything bad happens.

winfax pro 10.03 update

Margins on the outgoing fax are wrong and cause multi-page faxes It is a product of Satan.