As a result, the reason fields are defined as LocalizedString so that they are reasonable to display to administrative users. For the same reasons, the importing Producer should be capable of dealing with version differences between the representation of the Portlet in the exported data and the imported Portlet. The PortletContext structure is used as a parameter on many operations to supply the Portlet information that was returned to the Consumer. The Producer returns failures to destroy supplied portletHandles in the DestroyPortletsResponse structure. The ExportPortletsResponse structure contains the fields that exportPortlets can return.

wsrp 2.0

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The InteractionParams structure contains fields specific to invoking the performBlockingInteraction operation. The RuntimeContext structure defines a collection 20 fields used only in transient interactions between the Producer and Consumer.

Using Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP)

SOAP – Defines how to invoke web service interfaces. Consumers may choose to alter how they interact with a Portlet based on the metadata contained in the returned PortletDescriptionResponse. Portlet not available portlet-msg-alert Warning asrp. Portlets that need access to user information declares in its metadata the specific user profile fields it needs using the names specified above. The getMarkup operation can be invoked for the wsrp: This operation wzrp the Consumer to get an opaque representation of a Portlet which can be supplied to the corresponding import operation to reconstitute the Portlet.


This could be useful for a Consumer that offers an advanced layout capability. The Producer’s response contains exactly one element for each entry in the supplied array qsrp Portlets. The set of properties of a Portlet are described in its metadata using the following structure. Since localized strings use an indirection through resources to carry the set of values for different locales, the first member of this array SHOULD be used as the locale for the values returned directly in the structure.


The major design goals for the protocol defined by this specification are simplicity, extensibility and efficiency. The Contact structure is used to describe a location for the End-User. The Consumer will have to locate the start and end token in the markup stream and use the information between the tokens to rewrite the portlet Dsrp correctly.

When the window state is wsrp: This specification defines initial values for UserScopes.

WSRP v Specification

The other option is for each message to connect the extension to a type declared in a schema using the “schemaLocation” attribute as used by schema. If another value is specified and the Consumer does not understand it, the Consumer should ignore the cache control and treat the content as non-cacheable.

wsrp 2.0

The following data structures are needed by this interface: This standard layers on top of the existing web services stack, utilizing existing web services standards and will leverage emerging web service standards such as policy as they become available. As the Producer is ignorant of this encoding and the Consumer is required to consistently encode parameters passed to the Producer in the SOAP message, Consumers MUST ensure the data is properly decoded before it is passed to the Producer.


The maximum length of a handle is restricted to characters. Scopes that are referenced in this specification are:. The metadata associated with the original Portlet applies to any cloned Portlet as well.

wsrp 2.0

The Portlet should use the default classes when embedding anchor tags. This document is updated periodically on no particular schedule. The Consumer indicates the particular export it is requesting the lifetime change for using the exportContext parameter and the desired new lifetime using the lifetime parameter. These non-normative declarations use an IDL like syntax to describe the structures, wsgp the leading wsfp indicates a field is required and [O] indicates it is optional.

wsrp 2.0

As a producer, it hosts portlets that are consumed by other portal servers Liferay or non-Liferay acting as WSRP consumers. It is up to the Portlet developer to decide when using such tags is appropriate. Traditional data-oriented web services, however, require aggregating applications to provide specific presentation logic for each of these web services. The PersonName structure carries the detailed fields for the parts of an End-User’s name.

The following values are defined for wsrp-urlType:. Certificate provisioning by a Producer to a Consumer happens outside the scope of this protocol, typically as part of establishing a business relationship between warp Producer and Consumer [R].