Virgil, however, would more often than not retrieve the discarded bill from the wrestler’s mouth. Retrieved June 23, In response, his mother suffered from depression and alcoholism, so DiBiase was moved to Willcox, Arizona to live with his grandparents. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Archived from the original on September 24, Views Read Edit View history. DiBiase also appeared on the April 17 episode of Raw behind a newspaper doing his famous evil laugh as the camera went off air.

wwe ted dibiase theme song

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DiBiase made his first in ring appearance in over five years at the Raw 15th Anniversary Special on December 10,by winning a man battle royal, in which he was not even an active participant. He is the biological son wwwe wrestler Helen Nevins and Ted Wills, an entertainer and singer.

wwe ted dibiase theme song

He is signed with WWE working in their Legends program. At the time it wasn’t a big deal to me, I was just doing my job. And they wanted me spng come back and at least try, so I did for about a year and a half and I guess it took them that long to figure out I was right”.

Ted Dibiase 7th WWE Theme Song I Come From Money – video dailymotion

Archived from the original on October 18, Dibiase would tag-team with Sam Houston on June 26 against The One Man Gang and Ron Bass Houston had run in to assist DiBiase against The Gang at one of the earlier house show matches ; towards the end of the match, DiBiase kayfabe turned on and attacked Houston after Houston missed a dropkick on Bass, leaving him to get double-teamed and pinned. DiBiase was born in Miami, Florida. Virgil instead hit DiBiase with the belt, turning face.


Two months later, on November 13,DiBiase and Hansen would be stripped of the title so it could be put on the line for the World’s Strongest Tag Determination League. The Internet Wrestling Database. In response, his mother suffered from depression and alcoholism, so DiBiase was moved to Willcox, Arizona to live with his grandparents.

wwe ted dibiase theme song

The two etd feud until DiBiase lost a loser leave town match. Archived from the original on July 7, I’m not Clint Eastwood. However, due to an injury in his senior year, he later dropped out of college to begin a career in professional wrestling.

‎WWE: I Come from Money (Ted DiBiase) [feat. S-Preme] – Single by Jim Johnston on Apple Music

He wasn’t ‘The Phenom’ then he was just a new kid on the card, this new character The Undertaker and of course he grew in to be one of the tef attractions the WWE has ever had. DiBiase came down to ringside and offered Schyster a bribe to eliminate himself.

DiBiase claimed that Sont was his slave but started feuding with him after Hercules turned face. DiBiase is now a Christian minister. IGN called DiBiase “one of the most gifted technical wrestlers to ever grace the squared-circle”; [6] he has been named as one of the greatest villains in pro wrestling history. DiBiase had to subsequently apologize to the promotions for the unintentional no-shows and had to stress that Virgil doesn’t represent him for bookings.

Less than a few months later, on the August 4,episode of Nitrohe made a face turn, managing The Steiner Brothers. DiBiase and IRS retained their titles by disqualification after Hogan used Beefcake’s protective face mask as a weapon.

Ted Dibiase 7th WWE Theme Song I Come From Money

Retrieved from ” https: As tes week went by pretty soon Eric isn’t the announcer anymore, he becomes part of the NWO and I just went to wwee one day and told him I’m not just going to walk out there and be Hulk Hogans’ Virgil, you hired me to be the spokesperson for this, so if that’s not what I’m going to do you can send me home.


His adoptive father died of a heart attack in the ring when DiBiase was Bigelow aligned himself with Diesel in a feud versus members of DiBiase’s corporation. DiBiase eliminated Roberts after pinning him with help from Virgil before being pinned himself by Hogan. It was a good idea, but originally I was supposed to be the mouth piece of the NWO and reality is I think Eric saw how it was getting over and he saw how he could put himself in the role that he had hired me for.

Typically, his matches ended with the use of a tyeme black glove, which he pulled from his tights to “knock out” his opponent when the referee was not looking. However, WWF President Jack Tunney declared DiBiase was not the champion, as he did not win the title by pin or submission, and said that because Andre had surrendered the title, it was therefore vacant.

On April 10,DiBiase made an appearance on Smackdown: On the May 19, edition of Rawhe was seen alongside Mr. He then went on to also lose to the Kid, giving Razor a diblase respect for the Kid thus turning Razor face.

wwe ted dibiase theme song

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Archived from the original on September 24,